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Sensational information about the number of tourists who visited TN till March revealed now!!

Posted on: 26/May/2023 9:00:13 AM
It was confirmed by the TN tourism minister Mr. K. Ramachandran that till the month of March 2.67 lakhs of foreign tourists and 6.64 crores of domestic tourists have visited Tamil Nadu.

On the eve of the summer festival at Kodaikanal, the TN tourism minister went to Kodaikanal yesterday, 25th May 2023. He conducted studies on the construction of a helicopter landing pad at Chinnapallam, boat house, performance of telescope at the telescope house, rooms at Hotel Tamilnadu, canteen  etc.

He spoke about how the TTDC or Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation was directly in charge of 28 hotels in TN. Fare concessions are being provided to senior citizens and differently able persons etc. Truth is that TN has emerged as a major tourist destination in India.

From 57622 tourists who came to TN in 2021, the numbers have gone to 407139 tourists in 2022. The sensational piece of news is that till march in 2023 as manya s 267773 tourists have come to TN.

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