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Latest on the trial run of Vande Bharat train between Chennai & Coimbatore!!

Posted on: 30/Mar/2023 9:09:10 AM
Thanks to the efforts made by the Southern Railways, travelling between Chennai and Coimbatore would become much faster in the future!!

The public are very happy regarding the Vande Bharat or VB trains that are being manufactured at ICF in Chennai. It is known that the 12th VB trains would run between Chennai and Coimbatore. On 8th April 2023, Indian PM, Mr. Narenda ,Modi would inaugurate this VB train service between the 2 cities in TN. Arrangements are being made now by the Southern Railways or SR regarding this.

Today, 30th March, a trial run would be conducted regarding the running of the VB train between Chennai and Coimbatore. The VB train would leave Chennai at 5:40am and would reach Coimbatore at 11:40am and from Coimbatore the VB train would leave at 12:40pmand would reach Chennai central at 6:40pm today. The VB train would stop at places like Jolarpet, Salem, Erode and Tirupur etc on both the directions.

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