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The Sacred occasion of the Thaipposam Festival at Palani - thousands of swarming devotees!


Posted on : 03/Feb/2023 1:20:08 PM

As per centuries-old tradition, the sacred occasion of `Thaipposam` is set to be performed at the famous Palani Temple (one of the 6 sacred temples dedicated o Lord Muruga!) tomorrow (Saturday, 4th February! As such, the number of devotees undertaking walk by foot to have Darshan of Lord Sri Muruga on this sacred occasion has been increasing rapidly!

Thaipposam festival commenced at the Palani Periyanayaki Amman Koil (temple) with the divine flag-hoisting ceremony on 29th January.  Special Abhishekhams are performed daily on the idols/deities of Lord Muthukumaraswamy and His Consorts Goddesses Valli and Deivayanai and the idols are carried on an ivory palanquin on a procession!

On the 6th Day of the Thaipposam festival (today, Friday, 3rd February) the idols are taken on a procession at 9.00 AM carried on an ivory palanquin. Today (Friday, 3rd February) at 7.00 PM, the divine marriage of Lord Muruga with Consorts Valli and Deivayanai.

On the sacred occasion of Thaipposam tomorrow (Saturday, 4th February), the deities of Lord Sri Muruga and His Consorts Valli and Deivayanai will be taken on a procession to `Tholukkiniyan` where the Lord Muruga and the Consorts Valli and Deivayanai will offer sacred water to the Shanmuga River!  At 4.30 PM, Chariot Procession will be carried out. At 7.00 PM on the 7th of February, `Theppatthiruvizha` will be performed!

For this special sacred occasion celebrated grandly, devotes from other districts in large numbers are visiting Palani! They perform various penances such as `alagu kuthal` (piercing the body), carrying `Kavadis`, carrying sacred water on a pot and shoving the hair on the head, etc. as sworn to God!

Annadhanam (offering of food), setting up the medical attention centres on behalf of the Department of Health to offer treatment and relief of pain, etc., are arranged. On behalf of the temple administration, temporary toilets, bathrooms, and lodging for the visiting devotees are being arranged!

As per the tradition, the group of devotees carrying `Kavadis` from Karaikkudi were proceeding to Palani via Oddanchathiram Lord Baby Velappar temple!

One of the differently-abled devotees, Palani, travelled on a three-wheeler cycle to Palani from Rameswaram! He shared: "I have been visiting Palani regularly on Thaipposam day every year! I strongly believe that positive changes will happen in my life!"



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