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Highlights of Central Governments Budget 2023-24!

Posted on : 02/Feb/2023 1:03:14 PM

  •  Indian Economy in the International Scenario has moved up from the 10th rank to the 5th rank!
  • Rs. 2 Lakhs Crores allotted for distribution of rains!
  • A target of Rs.20 Lakhs Crores set for the agriculture avenue!
  • Rs. 6000 Crores allotted for the welfare of Fishermen!
  • Rs. 2200 Crores allotted for the Horticulture Department (Gardening)!
  • Rs. 15000 Crores allotted for the Development of Ancien Tribes!
  • Rs. 79000 Crores allotted for the Prime Minister`s `A house for each citizen` Scheme!
  • Rs. 1.30 Lakhs Crores allotted as interest-free loans of  for the State Governments!
  • Rs. 10 Lakhs Crores allotted for Capital Investments!
  • Rs. 10000 Crores allotted for the Urban Infrastructure Development!
  • Rs. 75000 Crores allotted for the Transport Scheme!
  • Rs. 7000 Crores allotted for E-Courts!
  • Rs. 19.700 Crores allotted for the Alternate Fuel Scheme!
  • Rs. 35000 Crores for Green Fuel Development!
  • A green Fuel Plant will be set up in Ladakh for Rs. 20700 Crores!
  • Rs. 20000 Crores allotted for the Scheme of Skill Development for the youth!
  • Rs. 9000 Crores allotted for a guaranteed loan for the Mini/Micro/small/medium industries!
  • Rs. 19700 Crores allotted for the National Hydrogen Mission Scheme!
  • Rs. 10000 Crores allotted for the `Govardhan-Cow` Scheme!
  • Digital Libraries throughout the country!
  • Scheme for the appointment of 38800 teachers in the `Ekalaivan Model Schools and admission of 35 Lakhs children from Ancient Tribes!
  • 50 New Airports to be constructed!
  • Plan to set up 1 lakh `Women Self-Help` Groups!
  • Special Centres for Artificial Intelligence in  3 top Academic Institutions in the country.
  • KYC System Procedure to be simplified under the `Digital India` Scheme!
  • Aadhar and PAN cards to be announced as the main identities for obtaining the various welfare measures of the Central & State Governments!
  • Organic fertilisers for 1 Crore farmers (agriculturists)!
  • Skill Development training to be imparted for 47 Lakhs Youth!
  • 10000 `Bio Input Resources` to be set up in the country in the next 3 years.
  • 50 additional cities identified to promote `tourism`!
  • Introduction of the `National Industrial Trainees` Scheme!
  • A target to obtain a loan of Rs, 12.31 Lakhs Crores in the Financial Year 2023-24!
  • New Equipment Procurement to prevent the present system of unmans from removing human excrement!
  • Higher limit for the senior Citizens Saving Scheme increased from Rs. 15 Lakhs to Rs. 30 Lakhs!
  • Introduction of a New Saving Scheme for women at 7.5% Interest!
  • The total deficit of Domestic M Manufacturing Shortage will be 5.9%!
  • Customs Tax on Mobile Phones spare parts reduced to 13% from 23%  and the Customs Tax for TV Panels will be 2.5%!~
  • Customs Tax for the Kitchen Chimneys increased from 7.5% to 15%!
  • Tax on Imported Cycle Dolls reduced!
  • Customs Tax on gold, diamond, and Silver increased!
  • Tax on tobacco items up by 16%!
  • 6.50 Crores Citizens have filed Income Tax returns for the current financial Year!
  • Rs. 10000 Crores Tax Concession given to sugar factories!
  • Citizens who earn a monthly salary of Rs. 58300/- after deductions as per Rules and regulations NEED NOT PAY ANY INCOME TAX!



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