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Increase in the air fares on all the routes from Chennai in the April, May months!!


Posted on : 27/Jan/2023 9:41:08 AM

For the summer vacation, the airfares have started to increase on both dometic as well as on the  international routes. For travelling in the months of April and May to places like Mumbai, Delhi etc from Chennai , a person would have to shell out Rs 4000 to Rs 6000. It must be taken into account that the airfares in these 2 months are much higher when compared to the airfares in March.

In the middle of April, the demand would be very high and at that time travelling from Chennai to places like Goa, Delhi and Madurai would cost Rs 4400, Rs 5000 to Rs 6000 and Rs 3500 to Rs 4000 respectively.

On the other hand, the international airfares are also very high and the return airfare to Dubai is Rs 25000 to Rs 35000 and the cost of tickets would be Rs 16000 to Rs 20000. The people did not get a  good deal during the Pongal season and the airfares would peak quickly. This was mentioned by some tour and travel operators. From the Tamil New Year holiday, the domestic travel for the summer normally picks up.

There has been a revival in the weekend trips after the decrease in the Coronavirus pandemic and the booking trend has brought to light that tickets are in demand for the weekend trips.

The airfares going up has become seasonal now and this was as per Mr. Basheer Ahmed of Chennai Metro Travels. He added that the airlines keep the starting airfares high but different slabs are being provided for the passengers.

He explained that there was a good demand due to the school holidays and how the trips could be planned well in advance. Information collected is that only when the demand was not as good as expected, the airlines would reduce the slabs by keeping the airfares high. It is learnt that the groups have already booked their tickets for the flights on April 7 May as they usually plan their trips in advance.

When compared to the pre-Covid days, the airfares on the domestic as well as on the intl routes are nearly 50% higher now and this was as per owner of United Travels Mr Arun Lazaran. He added that this would  encourage the people to book their air tickets in advance. Truth is that nearly 70% of the tickets have been booked already for the summer travel.



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