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To help the Chennai residents, the Corporation does this now regarding property tax payment!!

Posted on: 30/Sep/2022 9:50:40 AM
The 2% penalty that has been levied on those persons who have not paid the difference amount after the property tax revision in the first half year for 2022-23 has been waived by the Chennai Corporation now. The officers belonging to the Chennai Corporation have mentioned that those persons who fail to pay their taxes within 15th October for the second half year would also be exempted this year.

On Thursday, a resolution was passed at the corporation council meeting and according to that more than 6.90 lakh property tax owners have paid their taxes and 6.25 lakhs have not yet paid till now. A total of 123000 petitions were received against the property taxes and 10000 have been resolved till now.

It must be taken into account that the court cases have been pending against the tax revision. There are some persons who have paid their property taxes before the revisions but yet to pay the difference amount would also be affected.  Point is that the Chennai Corporation has decided to  waive off the interest.

For the second half year due to recent tax increase, penalty would not be levied and the taxpayers would be able to get a 5% rebate if they pay their property taxes before the deadline of 15th October.

For reassessing the properties, the council has given permissions and a private company would be engaged soon. There are as many as 310139 buildings that have been identified by GCC with deviations in 199 wards.  As many as 30899 buildings have been inspected by the revenue officers.

Information is that the civic body has got only 90 assessors and they are busy in several works. This has been taken into consideration and to make sure the work gets completed fast, the council has given permission to the private companies for measuring the remaining properties. An amount of Rs 5.94 crores would be spent on this. Within another 9 months, the company would complete the work. It is believed that this would bring an additional amount of Rs 95.95 crores half yearly for the Chennai Corporation once the reassessment gets over.