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Happy news for all Chenaiites regarding piped natural gas connections!!


Posted on : 12/Aug/2022 9:49:31 AM

The long wait would soon get over!!

It is now said that in about 4 months of time Chennai would get its first PNG or piper natural gas connections. In Chennai, the residents belonging to the places like Anna Nagar and Kelambakkam would feel very happy as the work has been going on to install GI pipelines and meters at these locations.

It is superb to note that in Nagapattinam district as many as 30 consumers and from Vellore district 7 consumers have already got PNG connections. As per some source belonging to Torrent gas that is laying PNG in Chennai and in Thiruvallur clear that when compared to the apartments laying the pipelines in individual homes would be expensive. He mentioned that the company would only charge for the gas used. Point is that Torrent gas is connecting more homes in Nagapattinam also.

In Nagapattinam district only, the first PNG connections in TN were provided. It is now revealed that Torrent gas would have to provide PNG connections to 33 lakhs houses in Chennai and in Tiruvallur in another 8 years of time. This is the time that has been provided to all the operators of PNG.

In Vellore, AG & P Pratham has been working hard to provide PNG connections and this company would also be making its presence felt in Kancheepuram and in Chengalpet districts. The company would have to provide PNG connections to 11.55 lakhs homes in these districts in TN.

As per a source, land identification has been going on now to set up a gas station at Kelambakkam. Meters as well as GI lines are being provided to the apartment complexes. Truth is that many now want to get PNG connections in their houses. Especially those who have lived in places like Ahmedabad and in Mumbai etc show huge enthusiasm.

To connect homes in Chennai and its outskirts, pipelines are being laid by both the companies. Information is that these geographical areas were tendered out in the 9th round of city gas distribution CGD. Bidding was done by the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board for laying, building, operating or expanding city or local natural gas distribution network. In this round, other Gas like Cuddalore, Salem, Thiruvarur, Ramnanathpuram etc were also tendered.

It is important to mention that those who want PNG connections must compulsorily make some changes in their gas stoves like making the nozzle and burner holes bigger.



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