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Latest important announcement from the Chennai Corporation for the residents!!


Posted on : 05/Aug/2022 5:25:32 PM


An important announcement has now come for the Chennai public from the Chennai Corporation!!

From various public places and footpaths in Chennai, as many as 1087 encroachments have been removed now. This was mentioned by the Chennai Corporation now.

It is worth mentioning that a zonal flying squad or team was set up for each zone in Chennai to carry out such as removal of encroachments from the public places belonging to 15 zones belonging to the Chennai Corporation plus removal of construction waste that has been dumped in the public places and disconnecting the sewage connections connected to rainwater drains etc.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and on Fridays the flying squad patrols the roads and clears encroachments in the municipal areas, clear the construction waste that has been dumped in the public places and clear sewage lines connected to rainwater drains.

According to the rules announced by the Chennai Corporation, a fine amount is being collected from those persons who dump their building waste in the public places and from those persons who have established sewage connections in the rainwater drains.

Till 3rd of August 2022, field survey has been carried out by the team in the 15 GCC zones and 113 encroachments with permanent structures and 974 encroachments as temporary tents were removed by them. A total of 1097 encroachments have been removed and 902 metric tonnes of construction waste has been disposed of. Information collected is that as many as 487 sewer lines have been disconnected from the rainwater drains.

On behalf of the Chennai Corporation, it was announced that those persons who have encroached on the areas under the Corporation would have to voluntarily remove their encroachments plus avoid dumping of building waste in the public places in Chennai. Otherwise, a penalty would be imposed by the zonal flying squad that was set up on behalf of the corporation.
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