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Boat Service Project in Buckingham Canal: Tamil Nadu State Government revives this!


Posted on : 05/Jul/2022 11:50:31 AM


The Ministry of Highways has sought permission from the Local Waterways Ministry to construct a 760-metre bridge across the Buckingham Canal!

This is a clear indication that the very old project of providing boat services in the local boat services project, which had been shelved for a long time, is being revived!

Tamilnadu Waterways and Drainage Board (TWAD) is the official legal authority. TWAD proposed a project a few years ago to set up a boat service from South Buckingham Canal `for a distance of 110 impute Central Station.

However, as there were very low bridges, out-of-use structures, and unauthorised occupations along this route, the execution of this project was blocked!

Later, discussions were conducted with many government organisations to remove the unauthorized occupied areas!

Meanwhile, the Central Ministry of Highways proposed another project linking the Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) with the East Coast Road (ECR) for the construction of a bridge!

From the year 2016-17, approval from IWAI (Inland Waterways Authority of India) is mandatory for commencing any project!

In this regard, an official from the Highways Department shared, "IWAI was ready to give permission provided the construction of the bridge was at a maximum height of 15` above the water level! As such, we have submitted our construction design aspects accordingly,

We will remove unauthorised occupations in 33 places soon!

On the banks of the canal, slopes will be constructed in the shape of houses. Once approval is given for this construction, this project will be in 2 paths.

One will be the ECR-OMR link road which will be constructed shortly. This will greatly reduce the present heavy traffic congestion on the IT Highway (Information Technology).

The second will be the commencement of boat services! The government has given permission on a trial basis for this.

The ECR-OMR Link Road of 1.4 km is to be constructed for Rs. 334 Crores will be from Thuraippakkam Junction to Neelankarai!"

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