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Do you know about this important request made by the Mandaveli residents?


Posted on : 23/Jun/2022 9:30:24 AM

Rains have been lashing Chennai for the last few days and it has brought the temperatures down. This has brought happiness for many residents now.

In Mandaveli in south Chennai, the rains have uprooted trees and the residents have been finding it difficult to move. The residents have urged the GCC to clear the tree branches from the roads as it might create issues to people and buildings etc.

As per a Mandaveli resident, branches of the tree opposite of his house was close to his balcony. Last month in the summer season this was not creating an issue but with heavy rains now panic is present among the residents in the locality. It must be remembered that in the last year when heavy rains uprooted trees in this locality the residents complained about the issue to GCC.

Truth is that GCC successfully cleared the uprooted trees and trimmed branches of many trees. The residents now want GCC to take action soon before the heavy rains. It was shocking when another resident of Mandaveli expressed his thoughts.  He threw light on how last year during heavy rains a tree uprooted and fell on an auto. He added that the auto driver had escaped but his auto was damaged. Trees falling on the vehicles have become a common issue during the heavy rains in the locality.  

Deputy Commissioner Works of GCC, Mr. M.S. Prashanth spoke about how the residents could complain regarding clearing tree branches on the streets through the helpline number 1913.He then explained that after receiving the complaint respective staff from GCC would inspect the locality and if tree branches pose danger then it would be cleared.

Information is that two months of tree pruning exercise would be conducted prior to NE monsoon from October and December 2022. This would be carried out across the entire Chennai.
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