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Know about Chennais upcoming first tertiary treatment ultra filtration plant or TTUF?


Posted on : 13/May/2022 9:41:56 AM

A major milestone in the promotion of sustainable water supply!!

By the end of this month of May, Chennai would have its first tertiary treatment ultra filtration or TTUF plant at Nesapakkam.  It is now brought out that this pilot project would promote indirect use of recycled water in Chennai city and recharge underground water.

It must be taken into account that this TTUF installation would be regarded as a major landmark in the promotion of sustainable water supply and it would be implemented by CMWSSB.  About 10 million litres of water per day would be treated at this Nesapakkam TTUF plant. According to some sources belonging to CMWSSB it was clear that the network to convoy the treated water into Porur Lake was ready.

By this installation of TTUF, climate resilient water infrastructure would be created. The lake`s storage would be conserved and stress on the freshwater sources would be minimised. It would also be possible to use reclaimed water indirectly by this implementation. It is learnt that the CMWSSB would draw the blended water from the lake and feed it into the existing supply network after another round of treatment.

A floating pump house in Porur Lake has been deployed by CMWSSB and by this water would be drawn even from the deep portions of the water body having a storage capacity of 70 mcft. In the beginning, the TTUF plant would be operated to 505 of its capacity only. Depending on the sewage discharge and the level in the lake, the quantum of water released into the lake would vary.

Major processes of pre-chlorination, ozonation and UV filtration for disinfection would be used by TTUF plant. It is important to note that the treated water would be released into 5 chambers along the lake. Information is that this process would dissipate the speed of water flow plus reduce water turbidity and lessen soil erosion etc.

Once the TTUF plant gets commissioned at Nesapakkam in Chennai, pollution in Porur Lake would be reduced and this was assured by CMWSSB. Along the bund, there are plans to create constructed wetlands. By this, encroachment of the water body would be avoided. It is superb to note that the water table would become better in the localities in a radius of minimum 5km when this project becomes operational.

In the future, there would be another 10 mld TTUF plant at Perungudi in Chennai and the treated water from this plant would be released into the Perungudi Lake. The work began few years back itself but got delayed because of the Coronavirus pandemic

The officials have confirmed that the team from IIT-Madras would be studying the impact of the use of recycled water on the water table and the water quality in the lake.

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