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Who is afraid of COVID? - Chennaites now avoid getting tested for COVID considering it as just a fever!!


Posted on : 27/Jan/2022 9:34:35 AM

If you had fever etc and avoided getting tested for Covid-19 infection, then dont worry you are not alone!!

There are many Chennai residents who have got multiple Covid-19 symptoms but do not get themselves tested. This might make the medical expenditure from getting burdened but the patients do not follow home isolation norms and they spread the infection from one to another.

Last week, a resident from Thoraipakkam had issues like fever, headache etc but he didnt get tested for Coronavirus infection as many have got fever now. The fact is that fever reduced and he began going to his office. He spoke about how there are many with fever now and how the fever goes after a few days. In his family, his mother also had a fever along with a runny nose but even she didnt get herself tested for Coronavirus infection.

It must be taken into account that those who got tested had their symptoms reduced in 3 days before their results came back positive. As per an IT professional in Chennai, by the time the test results of her roommate came, her fever and tiredness went.  

It was later mentioned by some officials belonging to GCC that many do not take home isolation seriously because they do not get themselves tested for the infection. Point is that there are many fever cases in Chennai and people consult doctors or buy medicines. They do not follow isolation rules properly but go out infecting others also.

Clear picture regarding the extent of Covid 19 infection would not be available as many do not get themselves tested. It is now said that the data including projections based on daily rise in the cases etc would be thrown off track. Rather than daily cases, focus must be towards test positivity and this was as per some data analysts.

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