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Route Thala Culture - Footboard traveling in MTC buses in Chennai!!


Posted on : 26/Jan/2022 9:37:07 AM

Inspite of knowing that traveling on the foot boards in the MTC buses would be dangerous to the lives many still travel on the footboards and create issues.

It must be noted that a student belonging to the Presidency College lost his precious life due to his rivalry with the students of Pachaiyappa College in a dispute over Route Thala or the bus route leader.

 His father who is having his own petty shop in Arakkonam spoke about how the death of his son would be a lesson for other students traveling on trains and buses to various colleges in Chennai.

Truth is that this Route Thala culture is considered to be the main reason behind the clashes between the students in Chennai. The students travel on the footboards and on the bus tops in Chennai to show off. The shocking information is that Route Thala culture has spread to school children also and despite awareness campaigns etc many travel on the footboards of buses and trains in Chennai.

 It must not be forgotten that in the last week of November, school students performing stunts on the moving train at the Kavaraipettai station caught the attention of many. On 2nd December, school children traveled hanging from the window bars and atop of MTC bus route T 110 (Tiruvallur to Meyyur). The shocking truth is that atleast 12 boys below the age of 15 were involved in this revelry.

It is important to note that on 28th of December, a group of Presidency College students sat in front of an EMU train after an RPF officer detained their college mate for pulling the train to halt.

In several parts of Chennai city, the school students have been found traveling on the footboards of MTC buses. Many school and college students continue traveling by foot and hanging from the train windows in the Velachery-Beach section etc. Now, the schools and colleges have been closed and traveling on the footboards in the MTC buses and trains might not be there but once again when schools and colleges reopen this footboard traveling would start.

It was later brought out by Mr. Naina Masilamani, president of Arakkonam Rail Passengers Association that the students perform stunts as soon as they come to the railway station platform. He added that these students create nuisance for other commuters. It is learnt that there are not enough RPF to check these violations done by the students.

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