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Before 6th February, the third COVID infection wave to reach its peak in India

Posted on: 24/Jan/2022 9:46:04 AM
Chennai based Indian Institute of Technology or IIT M has revealed that before 6th of February 2022 the third Coronavirus infection wave would reach its peak in India.

It was from China only the Coronavirus infection pandemic began spreading to other countries across the world. The Omicron variant type of Coronavirus infection has been spreading like fire now across the world and more cases are being reported. Inspite of many restrictions in India, Omicron has entered our nation and has been causing many issues.

Many Coronavirus infection cases are now getting reported from states like TN, Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarat, etc. Before 6th February, the Coronavirus wave would be reaching its peak in India and this was as per some analysis done by IITM. It must be noted that the R value has reduced to 1.57 from January 14th to 21st of January. It is known that R value refers to the spreading intensity of the Coronavirus infection. It has been found out that the intensity of the third wave of infection would increase in the next 14 days. From 14th to 21st January, the R value was 1.57 and R value from 7th to 13th January was 2.2.   R value was 4 from 1st to 6th January and it was 2.9 from 25th to 21st December.

It has been brought out that the R value of Chennai was 1.2, Mumbai was 0.67, Delhi 0.98, Kolkata was 0.56 etc. If the value becomes less than 1, then it would mean that the infection would have come to an end.