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After heavy rains, this has happened now in Chennai!!


Posted on : 08/Dec/2021 9:29:52 AM


It seems that the issues for the residents belonging to Chennai would be continuing!!

The rains that lashed Chennai recently have led to inundation in many places are known fact. People in many low lying places were affected badly.

Now, rains have reduced in Chennai. In the last one week, the air pollution levels have increased in Chennai city. The places like Kodungaiyur and Manali in north Chennai are highly polluted now. This was as per the CPCB or Central Pollution Control Board.

The important piece of information is that the air pollution levels in places like Kodungaiyur and Manali have crossed the permissible limits of 100microgram per cubic meter for particulate matter or PM. This was as per the recording on Tuesday. It must be taken into note that Kodungaiyur recorded 126micrograms per cubic meter of PM yesterday and Manali recorded 114 microgram per cubic meter of PM. On 30th November, Kodungaiyur recorded just 37 microgram per cubic meter of PM and Manali recorded 19 microgram per cubic meter of PM.

Various places in Chennai like Arumbakkam, Perungudi, Royapuram and Alandur recorded PM 10 levels of 93microgram per cubic meter, 92 microgram per cubic meter, 92 microgram per cubic meter and 57 microgram per cubic meter respectively. This was mentioned in the data from CPCB.

The pollution level was within the limits except Velachery that recorded 86microgram per cubic meter. This was in the PM2.5 category. For this, the permissible limit is 60microgra per cubic meter.

Royapuram recorded 57 microgram per cubic meter, Perungudi recorded 55 microgram per cubic meter, Arumbakkam recorded 53 microgram per cubic meter and Kodungaiyur recorded 52 microgram per cubic meter. Point to be noted is that Alandur had recorded 27microgram per cubic meter and it was the lowest in Chennai.

It was pointed out by a senior officer belonging to TNPCB that due to more dust after rains air pollution reading would show an increase. He added that the air pollution has not gone more than the satisfactory levels. He concluded that the movement of vehicles has increased in the last one week and this also would have contributed to the air pollution.

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