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Reason why underground sumps would be constructed in the playgrounds and parks in Chennai!!


Posted on : 07/Dec/2021 9:21:18 AM

The recent rains in Chennai have been harsh and it has taught few lessons for the GCC or Greater Chennai Corporation now.

It is now said that GCC is thinking about constructing underground sumps in some common playgrounds and in parks in Chennai. By this, temporary relief would be got to those who live in the vulnerable places in Chennai as floodwater would be pumped into these sumps. Sounds incredible right!!

According to an official belonging to GCC, once when the rain stops the water from the sumps would be pumped out into the drains. It is known that the GCC has been doing many flood mitigation works in various localities. The officer confirmed that constructing underground sumps would be a part of the civic bodys flood mitigation strategy of providing arrangements depending on the nature and requirements of the localities. He explained how during the heavy rains and floods no one would visit parks and playgrounds and the new idea would not affect the residents.

It must be remembered that Madley subway in T. Nagar was used by GCC as a temporary pond so that excess water from west Mambalam could be stored in the November rains. Once when the water from other places drained, GCC pumped out water from the subway. To reconstruct drains in the affected places in Chennai, GCC has decided to conduct contour study and gradient study etc. 

This would be in addition to constructing underground sumps in open spaces. Information is that at present SWD have been covered with concrete and manholes are provided for de-silting.

The very heavy recent rains have damaged many localities in Chennai and Pulianthope has been affected very badly. New SWD would be constructed in Pulianthope and this was announced by the GCC. An amount of Rs 71.l0 crores would be spent for this.
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