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Guess how the hospitals in Chennai and in TN are gearing up to tackle the Omicron variant threat now?


Posted on : 07/Dec/2021 9:13:42 AM

The second Coronavirus infection wave has been brought under control but the threat due to the latest Omicron variant virus has been growing day by day.

It has been predicted by health experts that a third Coronavirus infection wave will occur in the early 2022. This has made many now worry more.

Now, the hospitals in Chennai and in the state of TN are getting ready to face this third wave due to the latest variant. To tackle the challenge of Omicron virus, hospitals have been taking many measures like providing more amenities such as including special wards in the public sector hospitals plus increased surveillance and testing etc. On Monday, 6th December, the government of Tamil Nadu made it clear that there was no case of Omicron variant yet in the state.

Chennai based Omandurar Medical College and Hospitals were buzzing with activities yesterday as the health minister Mr. M. Subramaniam made his presence felt there. As many as 50 beds have been set aside as a precautionary measure for the Omicron variant at this famous hospital. Out of the 50 beds, as many as 35 beds are reserved for specialised treatments and the rest 15 for intensive care.

In the district headquarters hospitals and at the medical college hospitals in Tamil Nadu, similar arrangements have been made now. Truth is that these hospitals have good medical equipment and oxygen supply etc. Superb piece of information is that the best labs to carry out the RT-PCR tests are available in TN now. In the last week, as many as 5858 persons arrived in Tamil Nadu from abroad and of these 5249 persons have come from the 11 high risk countries. It was found that 6 persons have been infected with the Delta plus variant of the Coronavirus. This was mentioned by the health minister.

It is learnt that the samples of these 6 persons (who have tested positive for Delta plus variant) have been sent to Bangalore based Institute of Stem Cell Science and Regenerative Medicine or inStem. The results are awaited now. At the state run facility in Guindy in Chennai, 3 persons out of the above 6 are being treated and 2 persons in a private hospital. One person infected with the Delta plus variant is now getting treatment at Kanniyakumari based Government Medical College Hospital. Point is that returnees who have tested positive came from countries like the USA, UK and Singapore etc.
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