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A doctor from South Africa explains about Omicron symptoms!


Posted on : 03/Dec/2021 11:39:46 AM


The recently detected new genre of the variants of the coronavirus, named ‘Omicron’ by the World Health Organisation (WHO), has been creating huge problems all over the world!

This Omicron virus genre, a variant of the coronavirus, was detected in South Africa a few days ago!

WHO has given the name ‘Omicron’ for this coronavirus variant? This has been creating a sensational disturbance all over the world!

As Omicron has 50 different shapes, the medical scientists opine that this may spread quite rapidly!

But this aspect can be confirmed only through persistent research! As such, WHO scientists and scientists from various organisations in different countries across the world have taken tireless efforts to research this new variant Omicron!

In this scenario, Dr Angelique Coetzee, the Head of the South Africa Medical Association has shared:

“Presently, we are aware that only vaccines can prevent the citizens from these diseases. This is because, we have established that there are only mild symptoms of this new coronavirus variant Omicron on those who have been administered with coronavirus vaccination, including the young persons and citizens who have other major physical problems.

In the early stages, the extent of illness effects is somewhat less than the delta variant of the coronavirus. We are in a very preliminary stage as far as this new virus Omicron is concerned!

Only with passing days, we may be able to gather more details about the severity of Omicron!

As such, the number of citizens getting admitted to hospitals for the treatment of Omicron has been quite less so far!

The most prominent symptom for getting affected with Omicron is body fatigue. There may be body pain as well. The affected person may suffer from severe headaches and fatigue. No one has mentioned so far the loss of smell sense or severe fever.
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