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New methods undertaken by Chennai Corporation to dispose of water have caught the attention now!!


Posted on : 25/Nov/2021 9:33:42 AM

The recent very heavy rains in Chennai have submerged many localities under water!!

People have been finding it difficult to overcome this now is well known. In this scenario, an orange alert was issued regarding very heavy rains again in Chennai and in various parts belonging to Tamil Nadu.

In Chennai, T Nagar was worst affected by the recent very heavy rains. The GCC has been taking many steps to dispose of water. It is now revealed that instead of a single point of discharge of rainwater through G.N. Chetty Road to Mambalam canal the officers are working to discharge water into the canal at 3 points.

Information collected is that runoff water is being diverted through pipes and temporary road cuts and it might be a permanent solution after it becomes successful in the coming rains.

It was mentioned by an officer belonging to Chennai Corporation that many methods have been used to dispose of water and one is through Kalaivanar flyover. He hinted that permanent drains would be constructed if it works.  On Monday, work was undertaken at several places belonging to T. Nagar locality. It must be noted that currently surplus run-off from Rangarajapuram area passes through the culvert below Kodambakkam- Mambalam railway track and reaches North Usman Road.

Point is that this water along with the water from streets of Bazullah Road were being forced to drain at a single disposal point off G.N. Chetty Road to the Mambalam canal that joins Adyar.

Through the disposal points near Vidyodaya main road and under the Kalaivanar flyover, surplus water is also taken to the canal now. Point is that the GCC officials are of the opinion that this method would bring relief to the residents belonging to this important locality in Chennai. The issue of SWD carrying sewage would be taken up soon and this was according to some officials of GCC.
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