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An amazing method to know about the arrival of waste collectors in the residential areas in Chennai!!


Posted on : 12/Jun/2021 8:44:39 AM

In the future, dont be surprised if you hear a song in your localities in Chennai!!

To indicate the visit of the battery operated waste collection vehicles in the residential localities in Chennai, GCC would be launching solid waste management or SWM anthem or song. Now, the conservancy workers announce their arrival in the residential places through a whistle is well known. From this month, this method of whistling and waste collecting will come to an end.

On Friday, the Chennai Corporation commissioner, Mr. Gagandeep Singh Bedi took part in a meeting with the private conservancy operators and he directed the officials to launch solid waste management anthem in all the GCC zones. In a few days, the GCC officials would be launching a solid waste management anthem in all the 200 wards belonging to Chennai.

To play the solid waste management anthem, all battery operated vehicles collecting garbage in 42000 streets would get an audio system. It is now revealed that once the resident hears the anthem then they could hand over their garbage to the conservancy workers.

Private conservancy operators have been given instructions by officials of GCC to disinfect each bin that is present in every street during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is worthy to note that the residents have been asked to report deficiency in SWM.

Penalty amount would be collected for failure pertaining to key performance indicators like bin cleaning, segregation and safe disposal of waste from the houses of Coronavirus patients.

Street sweeping would be carried out in all areas in Chennai and this was according to deputy commissioner, health, Mr. Alby John Verghese. For the sake of preventing public health issues in the residential places during the pandemic, GCC has focussed on the removal of waste in all the areas. Private conservancy has been instructed by GCC to improve mechanical sweeping during pandemic.
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