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Chickenpox issue is a huge concern now among kids in Chennai


Posted on : 13/Apr/2021 9:22:39 AM

In Chennai, the parents of the kids have now got another problem to deal with apart from Covid-19 infection!!

Many children now in Chennai are having various issues like fever, rashes and body pain etc in them and find it uncomfortable. There has been an increase in the skin infection in the children as the temperature has shot up recently in Chennai.

It has been brought to light that the Institute of Child Health has witnessed 13 cases of chickenpox since the month of March and mostly in the kids below the age of eight.

As per Dr. S. Vijaya, paediatrician at ICH, there are several misconceptions about chickenpox and many rely on Indian medicine and other forms of medicines also. She later shed light on how the closure of the schools has been responsible for a lesser number of cases this time.

Every year, outbreaks of chickenpox get reported because of lack of proper vaccination against chickenpox among the kids. It must be taken into note that vaccinations after the initial dose must be followed by booster doses after 4 years and many parents do not follow this leading to a surge in the number of chickenpox cases every year.

According to Dr. Mohan Kumar, consultant paediatrician at SMCH, Chennai, kids below the age of 8 who have not been vaccinated after an initial dose get affected by chickenpox normally.  It is worth mentioning here that when the temperature increases the cases of chickenpox also rise. Apart from chickenpox, various other issues like measles and mumps have also surfaced again.

The state health department was of the view that there are no outbreaks in the city of Chennai or in other districts in TN. Many individual cases have been reported and these individual cases are being treated at the respective healthcare facilities.
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