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Malfunctioning of FASTag at the toll plazas on ECR, OMR- Motorists pay cash now


Posted on : 02/Dec/2020 9:22:26 AM

The effect of Cyclone Nivar is now felt at the toll plazas on the ECR and OMR roads in Chennai!!

This cyclone has led to some glitches in the FASTag network now at the toll plazas on the ECR, OMR roads. As a result, the motorists have been forced to pay cash at these toll plazas. Many complaints have been made by the motorists regarding the glitches in the FASTag network at the toll plazas.

The toll operators have been insisting the motorists to pay cash even if they have frequency based FASTag affixed on the vehicles, citing non-functional FASTag RFID readers.

It has been brought to the light by a motorist that the staff at the toll plazas have been illegally collecting user fees through cash. Truth is that the staff at the toll plazas are supposed to let vehicles with valid FASTag ply through without being charged. He later threw light on how the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways earlier in this year have allowed vehicles with valid FASTags to pass without collecting toll fees if the fault was with the toll plaza side.

According to an IT professional who uses these toll plazas regularly, it has been 5 days since Cyclone Nivar made landfall and the staff at the toll plazas were lying that they would not accept FASTags due to the cyclone. He added that it was unacceptable at this point of time as handling cash was risky.  Point is that common people had to load up their FASTag account and still pay cash as well.

As per a senior TNRDC officer it was clear that no such illegal methods were used. He explained that National Highway norms would not be applicable for the TNRDC toll plazas that come under the State Highways Department. He asked the people to bear with them for another 2 days.

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