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Daily count of COVID cases in Chennai now down to May month levels


Posted on : 31/Oct/2020 8:59:34 AM

In the month of May, the daily Covid-19 cases count was 618 and 616 on 29th Maya and on 30th May. Now after 5 months, Chennai has got daily Covid-19 count to those levels.  In Chennai, there were just 695 and 688 daily cases on 27th October and on 28th October.

It must not be forgotten that in May the civic body was just testing a fraction of what it has been doing now. The test positivity rate or TPR at that time was more than double than now. In the last week of the May month, the number of Covid-19 samples that were tested in Chennai was in the range of 3500 to 3700. 

The TPR that indicates the infection spreads was 15% to 17%. Now, GCC has been testing nearly 11,000 samples daily and TPR has now come down to 6.5percent.

Truth is from the second week of October the number of tests done by GCC everyday has dropped by around 2000. Earlier, GCC was testing around 13,000 samples per day and now this has come down to 11,000 samples per day.

It has been mentioned by some officials that this was an organic drop and they were not turning anybody away. Central Chennai based zonal level official was of the opinion that the field work has been active. In the past few weeks in Chennai, the number of recoveries has outstripped the fresh Covid-19 cases is a known fact. 

At present, the number of active Coronavirus cases is just 7628 and out of those as many as 2579 are in the neighbouring districts. Recently, it was revealed that not a single zone in GCC has got more than 5% of active cases. 

Information is that if the daily trends are anything to go by then zones like Tiruvottriyur, Manali and Sholinganallur must be registering less than 100 active cases. On Friday morning these zones had 119, 118 and 111 active cases respectively. It is worthy to mention here that on 15th October, these above said zones had 400, 199 and 284 active cases respectively. At that time, the total number of active cases was 13304.
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