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Central Minister Gadkari: a 2-tier overbridge in Chennai Metro City!


Posted on : 29/Oct/2020 12:05:39 PM

The Central Minister for Highways and Road Transport, Nitin Gadkari informed that a 2-tier overbridge will be constructed in the Chennai Metro City for Rs.5000 Crores.

The Central Minister for Highways and Road Transport visited Chennai on Wednesday (28th October) and the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister visited him at a private star-hotel and submitted a petition for the highways projects in the state.

After this meeting, the central minister had a session with the press reporters. He shared:

A 4-lane high was panned earlier at the important Port Project in the Chennai Metro City and the Madurai overbridge project. However, both the Chief Minister of the State of Tamil Nadu and its Chief Secretary expressed that this project is likely to increase the traffic congestion. The cost of the project had been estimated at Rs. 3.1 Crores. I have informed the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister to a new concept of the project in detail.

I have shared that this project may be structured and manufactured by a company in one of the foreign countries. It should be conceived as a 2-tier overbridge and the project must be of 4-lanes to be constructed in the 1st Phase and then be with the facility to be expanded into another 6-lanes or8-lanes. Once this project is executed, most of the Chennai Metro Citys traffic congestion would be eliminated.

However, as per this revised pan, the cost of the project estimate would increase to Rs. 5000 Crores. For the acquisition of the required lands, the Port Administration would provide 50% of the cost and the balance 50% would be provided by the State Government of Tamil Nadu.

As the project cost estimate has increased from Rs.3.5 Crores to Rs. 5 Crores, I have given some suggestions to the government. The cost of the materials used for this project, such as cement, sand, and the royalty for the total estimate, etc., must be exempted from GS|T. Though the state government has to incur some loss on this, around Rs. 500 Crores would be saved on the project cost. We will discuss this issue with the Central Finance Ministry and will initiate actions shortly.

I have informed that the project must be executed with high-quality of International Standard and must be useful for the public as well as container transport.

Thanks to the Chief Minister of Tami Nadu: 
When I visited Tamil Nadu last time, I had requested regarding setting up multi-tiered godowns for storing goods. The State Government of Tamil Nadu has consented to give the land required for this project. The State Government has agreed to give the land near Chennai Metro City owned by the Chennai Port Trust Authorities. It has been planned to start this project before January. This project would be the most important one. I would like to t thank the Tami Nadu Chief Minister for his cooperation on this project.

Expansion as 8-lane: 
The State Government of |Tamil Nadu has presented a plan to increase the present 2 National Highways to be expanded as 8-lane highways. Especially, National Highway-45, the section between Guduvncherry to Cheaatypunniyam and the National Highway-4-the section Maduravoya to Sriperumpudhur is to be expanded. The project cost is estimated at Rs. 700 Crores. I have promised the Tamil Nadu State Government that this project will be approved. The State Government has been advised to ahead with the acquisition of and required for this project. The State Government of Tami Nadu has promised to hand over the and after solving the various concerned issues.

Further, the State Government of Tami Nadu has appealed that 2 National Highways including the Thanjavur to Aathur (near Perambalur)to be handed over to the State Public Works Department (PWD). We do not have any objections to this. We have decided to hand them over to the State Government. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has agreed to acquire the lands required for these highway projects. I would like to thank the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister on this instance.
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