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Diet, exercise and rest important after COVID recovery says Chennai doctors


Posted on : 17/Sep/2020 9:12:43 AM

If you are one amongst those who are recovering from the Coronavirus infection, then please do not ignore your health.

In Chennai, around 1.4 lakh patients have recovered from Coronavirus infection. It has been pointed out by experts on the World Patient Health Safety Day that diet and rest are very important after discharge from the hospitals. During the post COVID care, over the counter medication must be avoided as many patients experience restlessness, fatigue and loss of appetite etc.

It has been revealed by Dr. B. Vijayalakshmi, senior consultant, infectious diseases at the popular Kauvery Hospital in Chennai that recovery time was crucial for the patient`s health. 

She explained about how after the treatment for Covid-19 infection there are many who experience increased fatigue. Few of the discharged patients experience pulmonary and respiratory problems also.

Post COVID asthenia syndrome:

There would be immense weakness and tiredness in the Coronavirus recovered patients. This is termed as post COVID asthenia syndrome. There are many who develop dislike for food or feel dizziness and restlessness etc.

As there are no clear origins for these issues, long recovery period would be required and the patients must adhere to that,

In many cases, steroids have been used to treat the Covid-19 patients and due to the use of steroids the above said issues occur in the patients. 

Important point is the use of over the counter medication especially steroids would be needed for those with oxygen deficiency issues. Health care providers would help those patients with pulmonary and respiratory issues.

Apollo Hospitals based Dr. Krishnamoorthy, infectious diseases expert highlighted that rest, diet and exercise would be the 3 main factors that must be taken seriously by the patients in their recovery period. 

He explained about how the recovery must take place in a phased manner in the patients.

It is shocking to note that there are few Covid-19 recovered patients who have been sleeping for 15 hours in a day also. High amounts of proteins and legumes must be taken by the patients in their recovery periods for cell reproduction. Intake of fresh fruits and vegetables is also very important.
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