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The latest Phase of lockdown implemented in Tamil Nadu from today (1st August)!


Posted on : 01/Aug/2020 12:21:04

The 7th Phase of the Lockdown Imposition by the state government of Tamil Nadu came to be implemented at the dawn of the day, midnight 12.00 on 1st August 2020.

With the onset of the raging coronavirus pandemic throughout the country, the central and state governments took the decision to impose lockdown conditions as a measure to prevent the same, right from 15th March, and subsequently, extended the same in several phases with some relaxations. The 6th Phase of the lockdown imposition concluded yesterday (Friday, 31st July).

In this scenario, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, E, Palaniswamy, conducted detailed discussions/reviews regarding the corona-status in the state with the Medical Experts Council and all the District Collectors. Subsequently, the Chief Minister has announced that the lockdown is further extended until 31st August but with a few more relaxations.

Accordingly, it has been decided to implement 100% lockdown conditions with absolutely no relaxations on all Sundays in the month of August. As such, the prevailing ban on public transport will continue in August. Accordingly, the Chennai Metro buses, Metro Rails, and the suburban electric trains will not operate.

Till the next order from the state government of Tamil Nadu is released, all the schools, colleges, and other academic institutions the cinema theatres, and the shopping malls will all remain closed. The prevailing E-pass system will continue to travel between districts.

The ban on social, political, sports, entertainment, cultural programs, religion/education-related functions, meetings, and processions continue to be banned.

The State Government of Tamil Nadu has permitted the eateries - hotel, restaurants, tea shops, etc., to function entertaining the visitors only up to 50% of the seating capacity and fro the private industrial the sector to operate with 75% of their employees.

Permission has been given for online enterprises to sell/distribute various items. An extra hour to remain open has been given to the vegetables and grocery shops. Permission has been given to open the temples in city administrations and small-town administrations.
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