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New regulations to be observed in the religious worship places!


Posted on : 05/Jun/2020 12:35:00 PM

The central government has announced that the religious worship places can be reopened from 8th June. Subsequently, the Health Department of the Central Government has proceeded to release the regulations to be followed after the reopening of the religious worship places. Here they are:
  • The entrance must be kept clean and healthy with sanitizers. A thermal scanning facility must be set up.
  • Persons without any symptoms should only be allowed!
  • Banners/displays regarding coronavirus awareness must be available. Audio/videos regarding the same should be played continuously.
  • Devotees/visitors must keep their footwear in their own vehicles. Otherwise, they can be kept separately, family-wise!
  • Proper parking facility must be available with the recommended social distancing.
  • Social distancing must be strictly adhered to in the shops/restaurants/eating places around the temple.
  • Squares or circles must be drawn in the queue line to adhere to social distancing.
  • Proper and separate entrance and exit must be set up.
  • While standing in the queue, 6 social distance must be kept.
  • Before entering the temple premises/complex, the visitors must wash their hands with soap.
  • Seats must be set up with social distancing.
  • Using air-conditioning must follow the recommended level - 24 to 30 degrees Celsius. Arrangements must have been set up for the frequent entry of fresh air.
  • Visitors must not be allowed to touch statues, deities, and books.
  • Large gathering of people is not allowed. Further, no permission is given to organizing bhajans, etc.
  • Public must avoid touching one another.
  • Those who have come for praying must have their own clothes and use them. They have to take them back after the worship/prayer.
  • Temple offering such as Prasad / Holy water must not be given directly.
  • Social halls or free food distribution there must be given in parcel adhering to social distancing.
  • Washrooms/toilets must be maintained properly and sanitizers must be kept there.
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