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Residents welfare associations in Chennai getting ready for the new normal


Posted on : 25/May/2020 10:27:03

Management committee members are now putting the best fitting thinking cap on!!

In a few days of time 31st May would come and lock down would be lifted in TN. This was as per the original decision. The resident welfare associations in Chennai have been getting ready for the new normal and also to follow the safety measures at the same time. It is worthy to mention that these safety measures were easily followed in the lock down time when the world had not opened up.

One important issue is regarding the domestic help. The residents associations are now worrying about allowing the domestic helps to carry out their jobs. This has led to some arguments between the committee members and the residents.  It is now said that many apartment associations are not willing to relax this rule and they want the residents to wait till the month end.

In Padur in Chennai, is present gated community Jains Inseli Park. Here, the maintenance staffs and those having valid government pass have been allowed access to the society. Point is those who depend on the domestic help would have to wait for longer time till fresh guidelines get issued by the TN government.

It was mentioned by Mr. Satish Karthik, block representative of Perumbakkm based Radiance Mercury Apartment that house maids were allowed to work till 4 pm in the evening only. Soon, owners meeting would be conducted here. He explained about how for 2 months there was no meeting at all and how now it has become necessary to discuss other steps.

Vepery based Vikramaditya Apartments is investing in new tools to carry out checks as many have been affected with Corona virus infection. It must be taken into note that the residents of the Gandhi Nagar based Panchavati Apartment came together to discuss on the disinfecting the apartment on their own instead of depending on the corporation.

It was pointed out by Mr. H.U. Zehra that the importance of wearing face mask in the right manner must be drilled in the minds. He added that it was the responsibility of the residents to ensure that the people visiting their apartments wear face masks.
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