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Chennai water crisis- Metro water hoping on bore wells, Veeranam Lake etc


Posted on : 13/Apr/2019 09:35:33

The city of Chennai has been facing water crisis and it could get worse in this summer season is known now. The 4 reservoirs that supply drinking water to Chennai are dry. It is now said that Veeranam Lake situated 240 km from Chennai would provide huge relief for the Chennai residents.

It was pointed out in the recent past that Chennai city water managers had hopes on the lake water from the quarries in Sikkarayapuram, desalination plants belonging to Nemmeli and Minjur and on the bore wells to provide drinking water and finally to come out of this water crisis.

These above mentioned sources would be able to provide 50% of water that is needed for Chennai. The point is Veeranam Lake and quarries in Sikkarayapuram could provide 30 MLD. The 4 reservoirs could still provide as much as 90 MLD. Till the month of June, as much as 480 MLD of water would be available for the residents of Chennai. The important information is Chennai citys water requirements per day is 800 MLD. This was later confirmed by an official belonging to Metro water department.

On the Veeranam Chennai stretches as many as 21 giant bore wells have been sunk so that they could be used as reserves. It must be noted that these giant bore wells could provide 10 million litres of water in a day. The amazing piece of information is another 60 MLD of water that is procured while digging lignite could be brought from Neyveli.

Metro water has taken bore wells in the agricultural farms in Tiruvallur and Kancheepuram districts for lease is known. These bore wells have been kept as reserves now. It is now brought out by an official of metro water department that during the peak summer, the agency would start drawing water from these resources and the water would be distributed to the Chennai residents.

The point that must not be forgotten is when metro water starts tapping 21 giant bore wells for water it would reduce the withdrawal of the Veeranam Lake. It is known that 180 million litres of water has been drawn from this Veeranam Lake every day. From 180 MLD the withdrawal could be brought down to 120 million litres per day. Official explained about how water got from the Veeranam Lake could sustain the Chennai city for some more time and how water could be drawn till the end of June.