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By March 2020, flyovers at Keelkattalai in Chennai to be finished


Posted on : 15/Mar/2019 09:45:53

Under the Pallavaram municipality comes Keelkattalai and this is a suburb in the southern part of Chennai is well known. This Keelkattalai is now making news. In the year 2016 work to build flyovers began in Keelkattalai and was stopped later. Now after the change of contractors the work again started recently.

The important point is the Highways Department has set a new deadline for the completion of 2 flyovers at Keelkattalai. It must be noted that these flyovers are coming in the junction of Thoraipakkam- Pallavaram Radial Road and Medavakkam Main Road. It is now said that the new contractors have been given time till March 2020 to complete the construction of the flyovers in Keelkattalai. This was confirmed by the department of highways. The previous contractor had completed just 28 % of the construction work and was terminated. This construction of 2 flyovers in Keelkattalai costs around Rs 64 crores is known.

An officer revealed that the 2 three lane uni-directional flyovers were supposed to be over by the month of December in 2018. Even after issuing the contractor many notices and imposing fines, the contractor was unable to complete the work in the stipulated time period. Hence the department went for new tenders. The point is each flyover would be 7000 m in length and would have 17 spans.

After mobilizing men and machinery in the last 3 months, the new contractor began the work recently and he would work on the 4 obligatory spans that would come up over the junctions. During the period of construction of spans there would be some traffic changes and for this the department of highways would write to the traffic police for seeking permission.

An owner of a plywood store in the Medavakkam Main Road expressed his thoughts and spoke about how the junction usually makes the traffic to slow down. He explained that even before the construction of the flyovers the traffic was slow and now motorists take 20 to 30 minutes to cross the junction. He finally was of the view that many motorists would feel delighted once the flyover gets completed on the scheduled time.