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Collection amount increases for MTC in Chennai


Posted on : 12/Feb/2019 09:34:55

Just recently new metro line was launched between Washermanpet and Chennai airport and it made huge noises. The superb piece of news that has come out now is this new metro line launch has not reduced the collections of MTC or Metropolitan Transport Corporation. The point is for the past 2 days the collections in MTC have been high and it has surprised many MTC officials now.

Planning department is involved in the daily bus operations of the MTC buses is known. As per an official belonging to this department it is clear that usually on Mondays the regular collection ranges between Rs 68 lakhs to Rs 70 lakhs. He spoke about how the collection amount got was Rs 76 lakhs after the new metro service between AG-DMS and Washermanpet was launched. It must be noted that the collection amount on Sunday was Rs 65 lakhs and normally on Sundays the collection would be Rs 60 lakhs. The point here is MTC on average operates 3400 buses covering as many as 675 routes on the weekdays. This was also confirmed by the official.

It was revealed by the MTC officials that it was too early to predict regarding any plan make changes in any routes in the wake of full- fledged operations of metro. It is important to note that MTC did not see any major impact route-wise as the MTC operated long-routes plus had the advantage of cost. The important information gathered is MTC has got many long-distance route bus services. For the last mile connectivity, many commuters depended on the MTC bus services only and this has been confirmed by a senior official belonging to MTC.

He also hinted that in the Anna Nagar and Thirumangalam areas many well off people were present and these people could take to metro train travel for their places of destination. In these above mentioned places in Chennai the impact would be felt and this was confirmed by the official. It was later pointed out by some officials belonging to MTC that even before metro rail planned to begin its services, MTC have started planning routes from suburbs in south and west area.