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Special Pongal Fair at Koyambedu wholesale market commences


Posted on : 11/Jan/2019 16:23:54

The Pongal Special Fair is being set up in the Chennai Koyambedy wholesale vegetable/fruit/flower market located behind the flower-selling stalls. For this special Pongal fair items such as sugarcane, turmeric, etc., have started arriving in from other districts.

Pongal is being celebrated on 15th January. Items such as sugarcane and turmeric pieces form an important part while making Pongal. 

With 4 more days to go, the sales of sugarcane and turmeric have already commenced in Koyambedu. Especially for the occasion of Pongal, the traders set up special sales stalls and started selling the Pongal special items.

As the 1st Phase of this special Pongal Fair, the sales of items including sugarcane and turmeric has started in the location behind the flower stalls in Chennai Koyambedu. Sugarcane hs started arriving from Chathiram, Sethiyathoppu, etc., near Panruti. For this Pongal special fair, sugarcane has been brought in 20 trucks.

At present, a bunch of 20 sugarcanes is being sold at Rs. 250 to Rs. 300.

On a retail basis, a single piece of sugarcane is sold at Rs. 30. A bunch of 10 turmeric plants is sold at Rs. 100 on the wholesale, whereas a bunch of 2 pieces of turmeric plants is sold on retail at Rs.20 to Rs. 50.

Marigold flower (Samanthi) is sold at Rs. 10 per muzham (arms length). Kadhambam flower, kanakambaram, and jasmine are being sold at Rs. 20 per muzham.

A pumpkin (about 5 kg) is sold at Rs. 70. A coconut is sold at Rs. 35. A bunch of lemon blossom (Aavaram Poo) and mango leaves is sold at Rs. 10. Scutch grass (Arugampull) is sold at Rs. 5 per bunch.

A bunch of bananas is sold at Rs. 30 to Rs. 60. The large bunch of bananas is sold at Rs. 300. A decoration hanging made out of coconut sheaves is sold at Rs. 10 per bunch. A plantain leaf is sold at Rs. 10. The Bhogi special drum (for children) is sold at Rs. 30 per piece.