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Metro rail to build subway at Anna Nagar


Posted on : 11/Oct/2018 16:00:17

The Round Tana located in Anna Nagar is an extremely busy traffic zone. The pedestrians, especially, need to wait for a long period for the traffic to slow down before crossing. Thus, they are left to the mercy of the motorists and other drivers, especially as there are no signals here.

This hardship is now being addressed. The CMRL (Chennai Metro Rail Limited) has decided to construct a pedestrian subway in this Anna Nagar Round Tana to link all the 4 corners of the intersection so that the pedestrians will have it easier to cross the roads. At the same time, it will enable the Metro Rail passengers to get to the nearest station faster.

The initial activity of excavating the soil to build the subway has commenced. On one end of the 3rd Avenue, an entry point with glass panels is being set up similar to those constructed in the underground Metro Stations. A CMRL official informed that the work is at full swing right through 24 hours and the subway construction is to be completed as quickly as possible.

Once it is thrown open to the public, it will be far easier for the metro rail commuters to cross the road and reach the nearest Railway Station. This intersection also has 2 Metro Stations Anna Nagar East and Anna Nagar Tower on either side of the subway. Further, a large number of pedestrians will be benefited by this without any need to wait for the traffic to clear.

One of the residents of Anna Nagar observed that there were no traffic signals ever since the roads were opened in any of the junctions from Round Tana to Thirumangalam. Thus, there was a great difficulty to cross the roads in this zone. So, the subway is very much a necessity and would be a blessing.

In order to facilitate the construction by CMRL, traffic regulations were made in December 2011 making several main and adjoining roads 1-way.

Once the traffic was restored to 20 way post construction of the Metro lie between Nehru Park and Thorumngalam in May 2017, subsequently, the residents had complained of frequent traffic snarls and minor accidents as there were no traffic signals. It is an interesting aspect to note that CMRL has built similar pedestrian subways in several locations since their project commenced. It is worth noting that at Central Metro, CMRL is constructing 3 pedestrian subways in addition to the renovation of the existing subway.