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MTC Bus Routes



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MTC AC Volvo Bus Timing Schedule
1B 12B 17D E18
19B 21G A1 21H
A51 D70 219A 500
500B 500C 500V 570
576 47A K70 17M
29C 27B 7M 7H
15B 11H 101 M70
114 70&70A AIR-1 AIR-2
Chennai MTC Bus Routes >>
01BNS 01NS 02A 03A 04
05K 05S 05T 06F 07B
08B 10A 10E 11 114A
116L 118 118ET 119B 11A
121B 121C 121D 121G 129C
13 134A 138 138C 13B
15 154 154B 156A 156N
159B 159C 159D 159E 15A
15F 15FCT 15FNS 15G 15LCT
17B 17BCT 17C 17D 17E
18 188C 18A 18ANS 18B
18L 18P 18S 19D 19H
20B 20C 20E 20H 20K
21E 21EET 21F 21GCT 21GET
23M 248 248A 248ET 24A
27L 27R 27T 28 28A
29AEB 29B 29C 29CEA 29CEB
29L 29NET 32 32B 32ET
38A 38C 38D 38G 38H
42B 42C 42D 44 44A
46 46ACT 46B 46C 46GCT
47DET 48 48A 48AET 48B
51A 51B 51BET 51E 51F
51N 51S 51P 51T 51TCT
52G 52H 52K 52L 52P
53K 53P 53S 54A 54B
54P 54S 54T 54V 55A
56 56A 56C 56CET 56D
56K 56M 56N 56P 56V
57CCT 57D 57E 57F 57G
60 60A 60D 60H 61A
61E 61ECT 61K 61R 62
64C 64D 64P 65 65B
65H 66 66A 70C 70CTNS
71 71C 71D 71F 80
88M A45B B29N D70ET D70NS
L18 L25GNS LT51NS M01A M07A
M14 M15 M151K M153 M18C
M21A M21G M21V M27 M27NS
M45K M49 M49CT M500 M51
M52BET M52ET M54 M54NS M55
M70S M70V M71ENS M88 M88A
S01A S01B S01C S01E S01G
S07E S07F S07H S07HET S07M
S11A S11G S11H S120 S120CT
S147C S147T S153 S154A S159A
S170C S170L S170P S170T S17D
S21G S21H S21HET S21L S22A
S254 S25G S266 S27B S27BCT
S27N S28 S29A S29C S29CET
S40A S40AET S41D S45B S46
S49A S500 S500B S501 S502
S519 S521 S525 S532 S536
S552K S553 S553K S554 S554A
S558D S562A S562B S563 S565
S56P S57 S570 S578 S578P
S583 S583A S583B S583E S587
S591C S592 S592G S596 S596A
S70D S70KET S71E S71V S88K
SB18 SB51 SB70 SC51 SC70
SE18 SG18 SG21 SG70 SM01
SMN45B SP19 SP19ET SP21 SP49
ST242 ST51 SV151 SV21 SV51
X01J X05A X06A X06D X06DET
X118A X11AET X11H X120 X129
X152B X153 X155A X162 X162A
X17M X18ACT X18D X19B X19E
X22A X22B X23C X242 X24C
X29L X29N X32 X32A X34
X40 X40A X41C X41D X41DET
X505A X518ET X51D X522 X523
X54F X54FET X54L X54LCT X54V
X556 X557C X557M X558A X558C
X56P X572 X572A X578A X579
X592A X593 X595 X595A X60C
X65V X66P X70A X70C X70G
XA21 XA21ET XA21V XA47 XA51
XC21 XC70 XD41 XD51 XD70
XG70 XH21 XH51ET XL51 XM11A
XM21B XM253 XM270 XM37B XM37EC
XR21 XS21 XT151K XT21 XT51
Z101 Z114 Z11H Z12B Z15B
Z21H Z27B Z29C Z47A Z500
Z599 Z70A ZA01 ZA51 ZD70
05ANS 05B 05C 05E 05G
07E 07G 07K 07S 08A
114CT 114P 114S 116 116AC
11G 11H 12 120NS 121A
12B 12BET 12BNS 12C 12G
142 142B 147A 147CE 147S
157 157C 157ET 159 159AET
15B 15BET 15BNS 15C 15D
164 17 170C 170CE 17A
17G 17K 17M 17MCT 17MET
18D 18E 18F 18H 18K
19K 19P 19V 20 20A
20M 20P 21 21C 21D
21K 22 23A 23C 23CET
27B 27BCT 27BNS 27C 27D
28B 28C 28D 29A 29AEA
29CET 29DET 29E 29ET 29K
33 37C 37D 37E 37G
40ET 41F 41G 42 42A
44C 44D 44L 45B 45E
46GNS 46NS 47 47A 47D
48C 49ET 49R 50 50ET
51G 51H 51K 51L 51M
52 52B 52C 52D 52E
52S 52T 53 53E 53G
54C 54E 54G 54K 54M
55B 55C 55D 55G 55K
56DET 56E 56ET 56F 56G
56W 57 57A 57B 57C
57M 58A 58ACT 58G 58H
61B 61BCT 61C 61D 61DET
62A 62C 62D 62E 64B
65CCT 65D 65DET 65E 65G
70K 70L 70NS 70R 70S
88A 88C 88CET 88D 88L
F70 G17 K18 K18CT L17MNS
M118K M119 M119A M127B M12BET
M18G M18N M19A M19B M19C
M28 M28ET M45 M45AET M45E
M51C M51D M51R M51V M52
M60 M70E M70F M70L M70NS
M88ET M88R M89 M89T MD170
S01GET S05A S05E S06D S07B
S101 S11 S114 S114ET S119
S12B S12C S13 S147 S147B
S15B S15G S166 S170 S170A
S17E S17M S17MCT S19B S19G
S23C S23V S242 S24A S24C
S27C S27D S27H S27L S27LET
S32A S32B S34 S37D S37G
S46G S47 S47A S47C S47D
S510 S515 S517 S517K S517T
S538 S54 S547 S549 S54F
S554B S555 S557 S558 S558B
S565A S566 S566A S566B S568
S579A S579V S57F S580 S582
S588 S589 S591 S591A S591B
S596P S597 S599 S62 S70A
SA01 SA18 SA47 SA51 SA70
SC70ET SD18 SD70 X505 SD70ET
SM05 SM07 SM11 SM14 SM14ET
SM47D SM49 SM57 SM70 SM88
SP56D SP66 ST01 ST151 ST151C
X01A X01B X01C X01D X01GCT
X06E X07F X07M X101 X114
X134 X138A X147C X151 X151S
X164C X170B X170K X170M X17D
X19G X21G X21H X21 X21LET
X254 X27E X27H X27L X29C
X35 X37CT X37G X38H X38HET
X44B X46G X47D X49A X500A
X523A X527 X52L X54 X54CT
X551 X551A X555 X555M X555N
X558L X558M X558P X562 X568B
X579A X57F X580 X58V X59
X60E X60G X62 X65A X65P
X70T X70W X71H X88K XA18
XA57 XA70K XB18 XB51 XB70
XE18 XE51 XG18 XG21ET XG54
XM12 XM152N XM15ET XM18C XM21
XM45 XM49 XM49CT XM70 XM70A
XM88E XP19 XP19ET XP21 XP51
XT553 Z01B Z05A Z07H Z07M
Z17D Z17M Z19B Z219A Z21G
Z500B Z500C Z568C Z570 Z576
ZE18 ZK70 ZM70    






Do you want to have technically right business website for your business ?
and receive Enquiries?