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Public can get driving licences even without a driving test at RTOs also


Posted on : 12/Jun/2021 8:48:22 AM

No need to undergo a driving test at the RTOs for getting driving licences!!

It is said that those who need driving licences could have the option to attend training at accredited centres and must clear the test. Then, they would be given driving licences. These persons who clear the test at accredited centres would be exempted from the driving test at RTOs or regional transport offices. This has been notified by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways or MoRTH on Friday, 11th June 2021 as a part of the rules.

Driving training centres that have been offering top quality driving courses for the public would be equipped with simulators and a dedicated test track for the purpose of providing training to the candidates. As per the requirements under Motor Vehicles Act 1988, the driving centres would also provide remedial and refresher courses. This was mentioned in the notification.

Truth is that these rules would come into effect from 1st of July 2021 and this was as per the statement that announced the notification of rules that are compulsory for accredited driving training centres.

By this, the candidates who get enrolled at the driving centres would get proper training and knowledge. It is well known that currently the driving test is conducted at the time of applying for the licences and this is done in the respective RTOs. Information is that those candidates who pass the test at the driving centres need not appear for another driving test at RTOs.

As per the Union Ministry, it is clear that these driving centres would also be allowed to provide industry-specific specialised training.  It must be taken into note that the shortage of skilled drivers was one of the major issues in the Indian Roadways sector. The lack of knowledge of road regulations has been responsible for many accidents.
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