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Information about the fungal infection Mucormycosis that is infecting people in this COVID pandemic


Posted on : 15/May/2021 9:14:19 AM

Not only Coronavirus infection pandemic is creating issues for the people but also a serious fungal infection named mucormycosis. This fungal infection has made many to worry now. The number of persons affected with this fungal infection has become more now.

Group of doctors from Apollo hospitals on Friday 14th May 2021 have said that this fungal infection occurrence is rare and there is no need to panic now.

It was brought to light by Dr. Ram Gopalakrishnan, senior consultant, infectious diseases belonging to Apollo Hospitals that no studies have been carried out regarding the increase in prevalence now.

He added that one in 10000 persons who have recovered from Covid-19 infection might get infected with this fungal infection.

There was no need to panic and this was according to Dr. Babu Manohar, senior consultant, ENT of Apollo Hospitals. He threw light on how he has been coming across many who have recovered from Coronavirus infection but panicking for normal nasal blockage and going for CT scans etc. He concluded that there is no need for CT scan unnecessarily.

Nasal blockages need not be a cause for concern for those recovering from Covid-19 infection. The person must take this as a serious issue only when he or she gets a blackish/brownish discharge from the nose. Then the doctor must be consulted immediately.

There are also few other symptoms associated with this fungal infection mucormycosis and these are severe headache, teeth becoming loose, black lesions on palate, swelling and eyes reddening etc. Dr. Babu Manohar spoke about how immediate consultation with an ENT specialist is necessary as this fungal infection is aggressive. In addition to the ENTs, doctors from other specialities would also be needed to treat this fungal infection.

It has been revealed by Dr. Ram Gopalakrishnan that the indiscriminate use of corticosteroids for Covid-19 treatment would lead to rise in the blood sugar levels and less immunity. This would make the diabetics to get infected with this fungal infection.

Truth is that uncontrolled diabetes mellitus alone could not be a factor that could lead to this serious fungal infection. If that was the case, then there would have been plenty of fungal infected cases.  One important reason for doctors going for high doses of steroids to treat Covid-19 now is due to the shortage of Tocilizumab. This was also mentioned by Dr. Gopapalakrishnan.  Dr. D. Shantharam, diabetologist in Apollo Hospital explained about how those with high sugar levels need not panic.
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