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Tamil Nadu State Government: 100% lockdown from 10th May to 24th May!


Posted on : 08/May/2021 2:19:27 PM

The State Government of Tamil Nadu has ordered 100% lockdown from 10th May to 24th May as a preventive measure to cha=ech the raging resurgent coronavirus pandemic!

The raging resurgent coronavirus has been on the rampage spreading fast and wide throughout the country causing huge havoc of the citizens! As such, the State Government of Tamil Nadu has announced a lockdown from 10th May to 24th May. The lockdown will be imposed from 4.00 AM on 10th May until 4.00 AM on 24th May.

In a notification released by the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Stalin, on Saturday (today, 8th May) it is mentioned:

I conducted a video conference with all the district collector yesterday (Friday, 7th May) and based on the feedback/suggestions received, and the recommendations/guidelines from the Central Ministries of Home Affairs, and the Health and Family Welfare, and the Medical Experts after consulting them, due to unpreventable reasons, 100% lockdown is proposed throughout the State of Tamil Nadu from 4.00 AM on 10th May until 4.00 AM on 24th May!

Subsequently, permission has been granted for the following activities with restrictions:

  • Except for the routes permitted by the Central Ministry of Home Affairs, the ban on air services continues as extended by the central government.
  • E-Registration will continue to monitor the passengers by train, bus, or flight. Tickets will be allowed for the citizens to travel to airport or railway stations.
  • Large shops occupying areas over 30000 sq. ft., Commercial/Shopping Complexes, have already been banned from functioning from 24th April. Grocery stores and vegetable shops operating in commercial complexes are also banned from opening. Apart from these, privately operating groceries shops and vegetable shops are permitted to operate until 12.00 Noon. However, at any given time, the shops must function with only 50% customers!
  • E-commerce organizations such as Dunzo will be allowed to distributed items like groceries, vegetables, meat and fish until 12.00 Noon. Except for the above-mentioned groceries, vegetables, meat and fish shops all other shops are banned from opening and functioning.
  • TASMAC shops will not function during the lockdown period!
  • Only parcels will be permitted in all food shops. Tea shops will be allowed to function until 12.00 Noon. Citizens WILL NOT BE permitted to sit and eat/drink in tea/food shops! For the citizens who have lodged, food must be served within the lodge itself! Citizens are NOT permitted to sit and eat in Hotels/Restaurants.
  • Lodges are not allowed to function. However, for the citizens who undertake travel and stay for official reasons, and for the medical-related reasons/tasks, such citizens maybe permitted to stay in lodges.
  • Events related to social, political, sports, entertainment, education and culture ARE NOT PERMITTED BOTH IN THE OPEN AND CLOSED CONFERENCE HALLS. As already announced, in the death-related events/ceremonies, NOT MORE THAN 20 PERSONS will be permitted in processions/rites.
  • Beauty parlours and Hair-dressing salons ARE NOT PERMITTED TO OPERATE throughout the State of Tamil Nadu.
  • All cinema theatres, Gymnanasiums, Yoga training Centres, Entertainment Centres, Liquour Bars, Large Hall, Exhibition Centres, Entertainment Parks, and Large Conference Halls WILL NOT be permitted to operate.
  • Ban continues on the retail sellers of vegetables/fruits/flowers at the Koyambedu Wholesale Complex! Similarly, the retail shops functioning in the wholesale vegetable shops WILL NOT be permitted to open.
  • Apart from essential Department/Functions such as the Chief Secretariat, Medical, Revenue, Disaster Management, Police Department, Rural Police Centres, Fire-fighting and Rescue, Prison, State Administration, District Industrial Centres, Electricity, Water, Local Administrations, Forest Department Offices, Treasuries, Offices of the Social Welfare and Womens Rights, ALL OTHER DEPARTMENTS WILL NOT FUNCTION. The Departmental Head must organise for the arrangement of the transport for the workers for the above departments! These restrictions will apply to all the Central Government offices as well.
  • All the private organisations. Private offices, organisations of Information Technology ARE BANNED FROM FUNCTIONING! Except for those organisations exempted, ban is imposed on other organisations. The facility of Work from Home (WFH) can be adopted!
  • In all the religious centres, devotees ARE NOT PERMITTED! However, the usual daily ceremonies prayers, poojas, etc. -  in these religious centres such as temples may be conducted. Performing kudamuzhukku and other events ARE NOT ALLOWED!
  • In all the tourist`s spots such as Nilgiri District, Kodaikanal, Yercaud, visitors from local as well as other places tourists ARE BANNED ON ALL DAYS!
  • Citizens are banned from all the beaches for all days!
  • Parks, Zoological Parks, Museums, etc., IT WILL NOT BE OPENING FOR THE PUBLIC.
  • Schools, Colleges Universities, Government and Private Training Institutes, and Summer Camps WILL NOT BE PERMITTED!
  • Swimming Pools, Gymnasiums, And Physical Exercise Centres WILL NOT BE OPEN.
  • The ban on transport within the districts, transport from one district to another, rental taxis, autos are banned.
  • Passengers may be allowed to travel for important and essential events such as weddings, deaths of close relatives, Interview, Employment Opportunities with proper required documents.
  • During the lockdown, except for the food distribution, groceries, vegetables, meat/fish shops, all other e-commerce organisations ARE BANNED FROM FUNCTIONING!

During the lockdown, following activities ARE PERMITTED with restrictions:

  • Essential services such as milk distribution, daily newspapers distribution, Private Courier Services, Hospital, Medical Test Centres, Pharmacies, Ambulances & Death-vehicle Services and medical-related services, goods and oxygen transport vehicles, fuel transports WILL BE PERMITTED DURING LOCKDOWN!
  • Shops selling agriculture-related insecticides, fertilizers, seeds, etc., cattle-fodder selling shops, etc WILL BE PERMITTED TO FUNCTION FROM 6.00 AM TO 12.00 PM.
  • During the lockdown period, the parcel services WILL BE PERMITTED IN restaurants/food shops/eateries from 6.00 AM t to 12.00 Noon, 12.00 Noon to 3.00 PM, and from 6.00 PM to 9.00 PM.
  • The food supply organisations such as Swiggy and Zomato are allowed to function as per the above timings!
  • Amma canteens will continue to function!
  • Road Platform shops selling flowers and vegetables will be permitted to be open until 12.00 Noon.
  • Fair Price Shops will function from 8.00 AM to 12.00 Noon.
  • Self-volunteers, providing their services for senior citizens, differently-abled Citizens, etc., are allowed to work with proper Identity Proof/Documents are allowed to travel.
  • Justice Department and courts will be allowed to function.
  • Constructions under progress will be permitted to continue!
  • The Newspapers and Media service personnel may continue to function.
  • As per the list released by the Revenue and Disaster Management Department on 24th April, and the State Government Order 348,  the essential production units/organisations for 24-hours operation, factories manufacturing essential goods will be allowed to function. The employees/officials of these organisations can travel for work either on their own vehicles or those arranged by the respective organisations with the required Identity Proof.
  • Not more than 50 persons are allowed to participate in the wedding. Wedding-related events and not more than 20 persons are allowed to participate in the death and death-related events.
  • Telecommunication and related services will continue to function.
  • Data Centres-maintenance work, medicine, finance, banking, transport, and other essential services including the infrastructure development for the information technology sector will be permitted.
  • In godowns, lifting goods or storing goods in the godowns will be permitted.
  • The organisations allowed to function during this lockdown MUST undertake the necessary activities to provide safety measures against fire/equipment-related accidents, etc.
  • During the lockdown, employees will be permitted to travel in the Railway Stations, Airports, Goods transport, etc.
  • Petrol and Diesel Bunks will continue to operate.
  • Banks, ATM Centres, bank-related transport, Insurance-related services will all function with 50% staff!
  • In the shops/offices permitted to operate, wearing face masks and adhering to social distancing MUST BE STRICTLY FOLLOWED!  In case of violation, stringent action will be taken!
  • As 100% lockdown is to be imposed from 10th May, in order to facilitate the citizens and the organisations to be prepared, the shops will be allowed to operate until 9.00 PM on 8th May (Today, Saturday) and 9th May (Tomorrow, Sunday).
  • As per the guidelines mentioned for prevention of the raging resurgent coronavirus pandemic, wearing face masks, observing social distancing, frequently washing hands with sanitizers, avoiding gathering of crowds, MUST BE STRICTLY ADHERED TO! Farther, in case of any symptoms of infection, the public must immediately visit the nearest hospital and get the required medical consultation and treatment. I r request 100% cooperation from the public for this and appeal to the public for the same!

Further, in the above announcement while explaining the necessity for lockdown, the Chief Minister has mentioned, As a measure to prevent the spread of the raging resurgent coronavirus pandemic, as per the guidelines of the Central Government, lockdown is already in effect from 25th March in the State of Tamil Nadu under the Disaster Management Act.

In India, in various states, an increasing trend in the daily infected number of citizens has been observed from March 2021! In recent times, the number of infected persons has crossed even 4 Lakhs! An increasing trend of the extent of impact/spread of the raging resurgent coronavirus spread is being observed in states such as Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and other states!

Eleven in Tamil Nadu, when the situation was 40 persons getting infected in a day in the last week of February has now shot up to 26000 inactions per day! The percentage of infection confirmation per day has crossed 10%% in 23 districts, As per the statistics on 7th May, there are 1.35 Lakhs infected persons in Tamil Nadu State!

The presenting spreading status, the spread of the changed form of coronavirus spreading in other foreign countries, the increasing trends of infection in other states in India, the recommendations of the medical experts, the guidelines provided by the Central Government Ministry of Home Affairs, in order to prevent the spread of the raging resurgent coronavirus, as per the Disaster Management Act 205, presently, the lockdown is being observed from 1st May, during the nights from 10.00 PM to the next day 4.00 AM and on all Sundays, with various restrictions. Now, this lockdown will continue with some more restrictions. In order to intensify activities to check the spread, the lockdown has been imposed from 4.00 AM on 5th May until 4.00 AM on 25th May!
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