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Important NEW ORAL SYMPTOMS of COVID infection which we must know


Posted on : 12/Apr/2021 5:33:01 PM

Many of us would be of the view that the loss of taste is the only one that affects the taste buds of a Covid-19 patient and the person would need a few weeks of time to recover. The studies have confirmed that 60 percent of Covid patients have loss of smell and taste issues.

Now, it is very clear from a new study that the issue of loss of taste is not the only one that affects the taste buds of Covid -19 patients. Nearly half of the Covid-19 patients suffer from many other oral symptoms also. This was brought out by the latest research study by NIH. This was published in the Natural Medicine scientific journal.

The symptoms of any viral infection or Covid-19 infection gets noticed when the virus starts to multiply and attack our vital organs. Many believe that the spread of Covid-19 from one person to another could be due to coughing, sneezing, talking etc. No strong evidence is available now about the spread of Covid-19 infection.

Asymptomatic or mild cases of Covid-19 would also have some oral symptoms in them and this was according to the study by NIH. Here, there would not be any other symptoms related to Covid-019 infection also. Bigger transmission role of Covid-19 infection might be due to the presence of virus in the oral cavities and mouth tissues also.

Various other oral symptoms apart from loss of taste in Covid-19 patients are

Presence of dry mouth:
Many patients with other viral infections would have dry mouth. Now, Covid-19 patients show dry mouth. Saliva plays a huge role in keeping the mouth lubricated, helps in digestion plus protects mouth against bad bacteria etc. Those with dry mouths do not produce enough saliva. Truth is that dry mouth would make us feel a sense of dryness in the mouth. It is now said that this dry mouth issue might be a new sign of Covid-19 infection also. Please take care.

Lesions in mouth:
The tongue and gum areas in the mouth would show lesions due to the inflammation caused by Covid-19. The Coronavirus infection would attack the muscle fibres and organ linings in us leading to inflammation.  

Covid tongue:
There is some belief that an infection like Covid-19 would lead to Covid tongue in us. This issue of Covid tongue is now being discussed by many. Those with this issue would have severe burning sensation and inflammation on their tongue surface.

Change in tongue colour and texture:
The Covid-19 infection would also lead to change in the colour and texture of the tongue. Truth is that when the virus strikes then the person would show unusual red coloured tongue, white patches and dark coloured etc in them.
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