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In future, COVID oral tablets to be available for the people for providing immunity


Posted on : 10/Apr/2021 9:47:58 AM

Many people who have fear of getting vaccinated by injection could feel happy!!

Tablets for controlling or preventing Covid-19 would be available in the market and scientists at Chan Soon-Shiong Research Institute in California, USA are now conducting tests on series of capsules. It is now said that these oral tablets could be more effective than an injection also.

Vaccination through the injection process of proving immunity against Covid-19 would still be available for the people.

It is learnt that trials on healthy volunteers are going on now and the tablets would be available after about 12 months or so. Point is that this oral vaccine is being developed by one of the owners of Los Angeles Lakers or LA Lakers and it could offer protection for Covid-19. ImmunityBio is a popular company and the owner of this company is Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong. Tests are now being conducted at a research centre at El Segundo in California to see if a series of pills could replace the injection procedure for inoculating the people.

These oral pills would be the best against Covid-19 infection and its mutations. The team is working on research, development, experimenting and testing. It is now brought out that the oral vaccine is a part of experimental protocols that is being tested in healthy volunteers. The oral pills could be available at the room temperature and there would be no need for cold storage. As many as 4 different approaches are being tested now and the reason for that is the researchers are not sure about whether pills could be potent enough to stop transmission of the infection.

It is superb to mention here that if the vaccine in capsule form or pill form is available it would be faster, easier and also cheaper to administer as there wont be any need for it to be stored at freezing temperatures. The scientists are now of the view that a combination of both capsules and injections would be good in providing immunity against Covid-19 and its mutants. Information is that the researchers oral T-Cell creating approach might lead to greater protection against Covid-19 infection.

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