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Cut offs for engineering admissions could come down this year


Posted on : 20/Apr/2019 09:30:43

On Friday, 19th April 2019, class 12 board examination results of Tamil Nadu were released. The students of class 12 could not score centum in subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics because of the new question paper pattern. It is revealed that in the Chennai city many top schools had very few students who got full marks. It was pointed out by a school principal that centum in Chemistry went down by 50 percent and centum in Physics and Mathematics came down by 20 percent.

According to some experts it is now said that due to less number of centum in the important subjects the engineering cut-offs could also come down now. In this year 2019, DGE or directorate of government examinations had increased the difficulty level with 10% of questions based on higher order thinking skills or HOTS. The total marks were brought down from 200 marks to 100 marks.

As per D. Vasundradevi, director of government examinations, the question paper pattern was designed in such a way that student would be able to get 50 marks easily. She then revealed the truth that the students would find it difficult to get higher marks thereafter. It is now clear that those students who have covered the entire syllabus could get full marks. Many principals of schools were of the opinion that the centum scorers would have more value now due to new question paper pattern.

The founder and principal of a popular school in Tambaram, Chennai, spoke about how getting full marks in the subjects would be tough for the students unless he or she has got thorough knowledge of the subject.

Another principal of highly popular Chennai based school expressed her thoughts and spoke about how in the examinations very few back book questions were asked and how there were many questions that tested the creative ability of the student. She added that DGE is preparing students for competitive examinations like NEET etc now. The principal was unhappy regarding the teachers not given enough time to train themselves. She finally shed light on how it would take atleast 2 years for the teachers to adapt to the changes.

It was pointed out by Mr. Jayaprakash Gandhi, career consultant, that dip in the high scores would bring down the engineering cut-offs in this 2019. He threw light on the fact that majority of the students scored between 375 to 425 and number of students who got above 550 marks dipped this year.