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For saving trees, book banks to be started in schools in TN


Posted on : 16/Apr/2019 09:55:22

The school education department is making huge noises regarding saving trees now. The important information is the school education department has given orders to all government as well as government aided schools in TN to start book banks by collecting old books from those students who are passing out this academic year. By these book banks, the collected books could be redistributed to the students next year.

Every year more than 40,000 tonnes of paper is being procured by the TN Textbook and Educational Services Corporation is known. It is important to mention that more than 8 crore textbooks for the students in classes 1 to 12 get printed. The shocking piece of information is 8 lakh trees are cut down to make pulp for papers and it would be printed on to be made into textbooks.

It is now revealed that as per an order from the National Green Tribunal, the school education department had recently issued a circular to all chief educational officers directing them to start book banks. The point is schools have started to collect old books from the students who have written examinations this year.

An official belonging to school education department spoke about how if the books were in good condition and students opt for them then these books would be disbursed to them. He pointed out that the old books were optional and free of cost. He was of the opinion that this move might not bring results as the government would issue revised textbooks for 8 classes in the next academic year.

The official expressed his happiness about the book bank and said creating awareness among students regarding environment preservation is important. He then added that if the school education department creates this awareness then many students would use the old textbooks.

For the next academic year (2019-20), Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation have got plans to procure 49,500 tonnes of paper from the Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Ltd or TNPL to print new textbooks. In the academic year 2018-19, the corporation had printed more than 5.65 crore free books and 3.1 crore sale copies and this might go up to 9.3 crore books for the next academic year.

Mr. R. Elangovan, former director of school education, spoke about how in the past the students would use the old books and how the use of old books have become non-existent after government decided to give free books.