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Why is RO water purifier needed?


Posted on : 08/Mar/2019 16:57:57

According to scientific reports, it is possible to survive for even 3 weeks without any kind of food consumption, but we cannot do without water even for 3 to 4 days. But would you believe the fact that there are over billions who do not have proper drinking water to meet their needs?

Lack of clean drinking water

 There may be every luxurious thing in developed countries: from gadgets to smart TVs to many others, but there is no proper natural, fresh air to breathe. In fact, the developed nations do not give much importance towards this.

Why do we need pure, clean drinking water?

According to expert doctors from the World Health Organization, having proper, pure drinking water is not a luxury, but a basic necessity, especially at urban centres. It is among the most preliminary human requirements for good health. Countries across the world should have enough access and availability to drinking water.

However, in most of the countries, drinking water is kept inaccessible for which many governments fail to take a firm stand. Let us discuss the need for drinking water in the below points:

Gives Nourishment

Basically, water is life. As we understand this, we, humans shall implement necessary law for the same and make water available for everyone. The very first source of nutrition for all of us is water. Our body is comprised of 60% of water which clearly indicates its need. We should keep ourselves well hydrated so that our physiological functions are right. It is pure drinking water that basically maintains good health of our body. It supplies our body with oxygen and nutrients.

Keeps you out of diseases

Drinking safe water is essential to keep yourself protected from diseases. There are many diseases like cholera, typhoid, hepatitis A, etc. that are a result of drinking unclean or contaminated water. There are places where drinking water gets mixed with contaminated sewage from industries. Consuming this may lead to sickness and diseases of many kind. To stay away from such diseases, we certainly need pure, drinking water.

Shed those toxins

To help your body shed out those toxins present within (which may either be caused by bodily activities or outside sources), you need pure water.

Food production and agricultural needs

You need pure water for healthy food production. The crops should be fed with pure water without the presence of bacteria or virus of any kind. Only then we could get fresh produces for consumption.


Apart from solving the purpose of drinking, we need pure water also for sanitation purpose. For washing clothes and utensils and keeping our house and environment clean, we need pure water.

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