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5 Top tips to paint your home like a pro


Posted on : 22/Jan/2019 17:22:12

Here are few quick tips to easily paint your very own home all by yourself.

Tip 1 how to avoid lap marks?

Those uneven layers formed while painting is called a lap mark. How do they form? They form when you tend to reapply paint over a painted surface that is getting dried. Generally, when the condition is dry, the paint gets stiff in lesser than a minute. So the ultimate key in avoiding such lap marks while painting your space by yourself is to constantly maintain a wet edge. Basically, the stroke you roll should be overlapping that of the previous well before the first one dries out.

For this, start in the corner and go up till the full length of the wall. Keep slightly moving with each stroke. Roll back whenever necessary or when there are thick spots that you identify. The roller should never be fully dry.

Tip 2 - Keep the color consistent

For achieving consistent coloring of the entire space, make sure to mix couple of pain cans into a single bucket. There may be color variations between paint cans. So, when you go on and open a new can while you are half done with painting a room, chances are that you will experience change in colors. By mixing the paint cans in a large bucket, you will get the problem of inconsistent paint color solved.

Also remember that excessive paint can be stored in a can, but lack of paint cannot be managed. So, go on and have a good stash of paint cans. Be liberal!

Tip 3 - Let it dry and then cut the edges

Take the tape off once the paint dries out completely. A thin film gets formed between the tape and the wall. So, removing the tape will tear off the dried paint pieces from the wall. Hence, make sure that you make the tape loose before cutting it off.

At least wait for 24 hours for the paint to dry out. At last, using a sharp knife, slice it through.

Tip 4 - start painting the trim and then the ceiling and walls

Generally painting professionals tend to follow a sequential procedure in painting the room. They start with the trim and then followed by ceiling and walls. This makes the process easier to. Then the tape is taken off this makes it easier and quicker too.

It is not necessary that you should be neat in this process. Make sure to give it a smooth finish throughout.

Tip 5 consistent smooth look

When the wall is freshly painted, it may look blotchy. There will be uniformity in color, but the sheen will not be so consistent. This is a result of cracks or holes present in the wall. These porous regions will absorb the paint and leave it look so dull. This is what pros call as flashing. When the room is lit, these dull spots will be evidently highlighted. For all of this, the magic wand is to use a primer which removes difference in texture and locks the patches.

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