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New Number Plates with security features to be given to all vehicles - Central Government Order


Posted on : 08/Dec/2018 12:33:46

The central government ministry of highways has ordered that all the vehicles must be provided with new number plates with high-level security features. This is to be implemented in the next year.

The Police Department and the Transport Department encounter a stiff challenge to deal with and control the road accidents in the country, thefts of vehicles, and to detect the vehicles indulging in illegal activities.

As a solution measure to the above challenge, the central ministry of Highways has planned to fix uniform name plates for the vehicles throughout the country.

Accordingly, there will be modifications to be carried out in the Central Motor Vehicles Act 1980. The new number plates will have high-level security features and will be linked with the vehicle control. The details such as vehicle particulars, taxes, penalties, number of accidents encountered, particulars of the vehicle owner, etc., will be electronically uploaded in the new number plates.

Once provided with the new number plates, whenever vehicle checks are done all the above details would be accessible. In case these number plates get damaged, the manufacturers or the approved agents of the Central analytical concern can provide the new number plates.

Fixing new number plates without receiving the old damaged number plates or fixing the broken number plates in other vehicles would be deemed as criminal offences.

Whenever the new number plates are given and the old number plates are received, these records should be entered in the proper document/ledger. These data will be regularly checked/reviewed by an expert team.

The central government has ordered the vehicle manufacturers that the new number plates should be provided in the new vehicles from April next year. Further, as for the old vehicles, the old number plates must be removed and the task of fixing the number-plates with high-level security features must be taken up.