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By these home remedies, cracker burns could be treated effectively


Posted on : 09/Nov/2018 10:00:26

The festival of lights also known as deepavali is usually celebrated with great happiness and enthusiasm all over India. During deepavali people burn many crackers is known. It is revealed that every year many suffer from minor injuries or burns due to firecrackers. The firecracker burns would gradually develop into water blisters and are highly painful. The formation of these blisters could be avoided by few treatments at the homes. In most situations a person get only first degree burns or minor burns due to firecrackers. The top layer of the skin gets affected and the portion becomes red and painful. To soothe the skin, the home remedies are superb and these remedies could heal the skin faster.

Few home remedies that could be effective in treating firecracker burns are

Using cold water:

This is one of the best and most effective treatments for firecrackers burns. Cold water could be run over the burns and soothe feeling is got. Cold compress could also be done. It is important to note that ice must not be used as it would restrict the flow of blood.

Using milk:

By pouring cold milk over the affected area soothing effect could be got and first degree burns could be treated. Skimmed milk could be used for treating the burns.

Using raw potato:

Not many know that potato could also be used to treat first degree burns effectively. Potato in raw form would be superb. By using raw potato over the affected area soothe feeling is got. Irritations around the wounds could also be avoided.

Using aloe vera juice:

Apart from providing us with many health benefits, aloe vera could be highly effective to treat first degree burns due to firecrackers. The chance of blisters could be reduced by the soothing properties of this aloe vera. In the first step the affected area is washed well with water and then aloe vera juice is applied on the affected area and left for some time.

Using coconut oil:

The presence of vitamin E plus other fatty acids like lauric acid, capric acid etc in the coconut oil is fantastic and these provide antifungal, anti-bacterial properties etc. This is the easiest and one of the best ways for treating firecrackers burns.

Using lemon:

Lemon juice is applied on the affected portion for 2 to 3 days. The lemon does amazingly in lightening the burnt area and brings it to the normal skin tone.

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