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How to keep your car safe and running in summer?


Posted on : 15/Apr/2018 11:40:21

Are you exposing your car to the harsh sun rays throughout the day all through summer season? Have you ever thought that your car needs the same shade and preservation from sun just the way you do? Yes, you got to keep your car cool, especially during summer. Here are a few quick tips to help you with it

Keep checking the coolant in hot weather, your vehicle takes an extra effort to function. At such times, coolants come handy to prevent overheating. Check out the owners manual to know how often you should add coolant to the system and replace old fluids, and act accordingly.

Do the fluid top-up keep checking the fluid levels including motor oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid, etc. As and when required, keep replacing or topping up.

Check the battery the battery fluid is likely to get evaporated with excessive heat. And this may lead to corrosion along terminals and connections in the car. When there is any build-up, clean out the battery terminals and the cable clamps.

AC Maintenance often, keep checking for proper functioning of AC. Ensure good air flow in it. In case the temperature is not achieved as expected, perhaps, the refrigerant levels have come down. Remember that air conditioning doesnt just keep you cool during travel, but also keeps the driver fresh and energetic instead of falling fatigue. So, to ensure driver-safety, keep checking the AC.

Belts checking to be done the hoses and drive belts also need regular checking to be done. There should not be any crack or soft spot or any other sign of wear and tear. All these are likely when you drive the car in hot climatic conditions.

Air levels in tires with changes in temperature, air level changes are likely in tires. In case the tire is overinflated or underinflated and still run in hot pavements along with brake friction, you are probably leading it to tire blowout. So, reach out to your owners guide or owners manual and know about the precise inflation level. Keep checking tires for once in every month so that the air level in your car abides by the guideline instructions. Also, make sure to check for cracks, bulges or wear and tear in tires every now and then.

Wipers are to be checked of all the car parts, the wipers play a very vital role, as they get largely exposed to direct sunrays. They can easily get cracked or become less flexible or misshaped. So, keep checking it and replace the wiper whenever needed. You certainly need those helping hands in good condition when youre stuck up in a rainy day, dont you?

Emergency kit is not to be forgotten the emergency kit? This can very easily be forgotten, but dont. Check if any item in the kit is expired or needs replacement. Perhaps, a new addition is required to cope with the prickly summer heat or the rainy day. Go on, do it.

Clean it up ultimately having got exposed in the outdoor area throughout summer, there may be deposits of bugs, acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, or others. These can do a lot more harm than you think. So, keep washing your car often and polish/wax it regularly so that it gets an extra protection.

Just a little extra effort to properly maintain your car can help you greatly at unforeseen conditions. . Take the effort and your car will repay you in leaps and bounds.