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How the train journey has become safe and superb now due to weekend rail blocks?


Posted on : 08/Jan/2018 4:43:34 PM

Travelling through trains is one of the amazing experiences that people in and around the city of Chennai have. It must be noted that the people located at the outskirts of Chennai also travel by these trains in huge numbers. It is revealed that these suburban travelers from the outskirts are finding it tough every weekend in the last ten months. That is because of the maintenance works carried out by railway department and because of this work there has been frequent cancellation of the trains.

This has affected the life of these people located at the outskirts of Chennai. It is now clear that this suffering of the people have been for good as the railway tracks have now become more safe and reliable.

It is now brought out that there is amazing 11 % drop in the rail fractures and welding fractures in the last nine months of this fiscal year when compared to the previous year and this is superb news. It is good to mention that the engineers from the railway department were able to renew 33% more tracks and 100% more sleepers. Interchange points that are usually weak were taken care more than before and it is said that there is 500 % increase in the interchange point maintenance.

It is interesting to note that TRT or track relaying train and ultrasonic flaw detectors were employed by the engineers.

These weekend blocks where the trains were cancelled due to maintenance work have been fruitful now. The engineers of railway department were able to work continuously for four to eight hours and all this was possible because of rail blocks.

It is now said that the railway authorities have made a system of integrated daily traffic block programme and under this the repair and maintenance works of the rail tracks were identified and scheduled. Hence the people travelling through these trains could get the information about the blocks easily.
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