Upper Deck Price List

Last Updated on Feb, 2018

Upper Deck
Food Items Price
Grilled foie gras, apple tabouleh,prunes and rasin reduction 1250.00
Crab meat, caramelized orange wedge,couscous & rucola 525.00
Dodine of spring chicken, cranburry port reduction, sesame tossed cripsy spinach and carrots vermicelli 525.00
Champagone grilled scallops,wasambi spiked flying fish roe, celery pepper relish 725.00
Harissa shrimp, rocket and balsamic pear salad,avocaob remoulade 625.00
Sweet and sour beetroot carpaccio,hayme and garlic goat cheese, medly of peppers 425.00
Clasical falafel in pita,muhummara,garlic fluff and hummus 425.00
courgettes and green pea kibbeh,labna & house salad 425.00
Signature and green with pesto tosted foccacia,pickled artichoke,fresh mozzarella, marinated olives tosssed with balsamic vinaigrette 425.00
Dark cherry duckling with two potato mash, steamed pokchey,pan reduction 2100.00
Algerian grilled cilantro chicken with saffron and red pepper paella, cilantro beurre blanc 815.00
Caraway and coriander rubbed atlantic salmen, pesto risotto, saffron and leek fumet, pickled cherry tomatoes 1400.00
Seared halibut with eggplant, rosy olives, fennel bulb and orange butter 825.00
Honey and chilli marinated lamb rack with fig and apricot tagine, brown rice and fava beans tian, cinnamon and merlot jus 1950.00
Angus a bardine on wilted spinach, sour cream mash, barolo reduction and haricot verts 2100.00
Trio of sea crustacean platter with potato mash & vegetables ( seafood metange of pesto-scampi,lobster-olive oil lemon garlic,aglio olio-tiger prawns) 3250.00
Open herb ravioli, caper and cointraen butter with basil reduction 625.00
Phullo parcels three way stuffing pumpkin and chilly relish,truffle honey drizzle and fried sage 625.00
Swirled porcini and potato gnocco, sumac spinach,honey and tomato emulsion,buttered asparagus 625.00
Four cheese zucchini and eggplant rulatini,apple walnut compote,gold pepper coulis 625.00
Lemon flavored seafood and saffron 795.00
Lima beanss and smoked chicken 675.00
Wild mushroom and baby artichoke risotto 625.00
Garlic scented pumpkin risotto with balsamic reduction 625.00
Torchetti,troffie tossed with choise of sauces 625.00
Calabrese ( fresh garlic,red chili flakes,olive oil,goat cheese & fresh tomato sauce) 575.00
Aglio olio peperoncine (classic sauce with olive oil,garlic,chily and parsley) 525.00
Pesto genovese (basil crusted with garlic, pine nut,olive oil and cheese) 525.00

Tiramisu nostana

Warm chocolate melting cake 395.00
Bonafi pie 415.00
French chocolate passion fruit concord withh mango coulis 415.00
Triple deck panacota with banana caramel ice cream 415.00