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Is it ok to break the tablets into 2 halves and take twice?


Posted on : 28/Jul/2017 17:08:02

Do you have the habit of breaking the tablets into 2 halves and take it twice (by citing the reasons such as it is too big)? Then, you must read this.

It is always preferable to take the tablets in their original full shape. It is wrong to break into 2 halves. This may end up varying the dosages of the medicine taken.

In case there is a necessity to break a tablet into 2 parts, better consult the doctor and confirm it is ok to do it. You may also note that varying the prescribed dosage may sometimes lead to side-effects.

Especially, the patients taking medication for heart problems or arthritis or blood pressure or shivering have to be ultra-careful in this regard by following the doctorís instructions.

Each tablet will vary from another in the production and the quantum of the various ingredients. It is not safe to assume that by trying to break it into 2 exact halves, there would be an equal distribution of ingredients or equal dosage.

Some strong medicines are coated to prevent any damage to the interiors of the stomach. These have to be taken in full shape to derive the maximum effect. When broken into 2 pieces, there are possibilities of some ingredients directly entering the internal organs creating some other problems.

In case it is compulsory to break the tablets into 2 pieces, use the proper tools to do so. Do not use hands or a hammer or a knife to do this. Also, ensure that you take the tablet as soon as it is broken. The dirt in the tools used for breaking the tablet may affect the tablet and so it is better to be careful.

Some tablets are not to be exposed to moisture or exposed in the open air. Keeping these tablets outside for longer periods for the purpose of breaking is not wise. Suppose the break results in 2 bits of unequal and different shapes, it will kill the very purpose of taking the tablet. Hence, please avoid the tendency to break the tablets.