6) About Visualizing Renovating Interiors

Service Square’s home renovation services can make your old home look brand new,modern and swanky with more space and facilities. The company has engineers to design the space available for optimum functionality and aesthetics. The company supervisor will be briefed on the work to be done and he will constantly keep an eye on the work so that no detail is overlooked.

 The following are some of the Interior Decoration works we do :

Designing the new home with the help of specialist interior decorators

Bringing down old walls and removing existing flooring

Concealed electrical wiring and plumbing

New brick works and flooring using modern tiles, marbles etc.

Removing Indian style commode and replacing it with western (wall mounted) style commode.

Fresh flooring in the toilet and tile work on walls.

Modular kitchen, fixing kitchen slabs, chimney etc.

Fixing new lights and fans etc.

Painting of walls and furniture.

Arranging for polishing and melamine coating of wooden cupboards, doors, windows etc


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